Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm looking forward to...

*Having a real mirror in a room with real lighting to take pictures in front of so I can stop with all the bathroom pics.
*Giving myself a much needed manicure this weekend. Teal nails have been calling my name!
*Sharing the story from beginning to end. Very soon.
*Letting my ma and sister feel BabyC move this weekend. He has some force behind his movements now. I feel him all the time. It's so much fun.
*Having pizza for lunch. I love pizza more than I could ever begin to describe!
*Finally getting groceries! We have pineapples, tortellini, and condiments in our fridge. The snack cabinet consists of lorna doones and nutella. I'm so ashamed, lol!
*Hearing that they accepted our offer. God, can you make that happen today please? Thanks.
*MrC getting a new job. He's been diligent getting his resume out there, it's time for things to happen. Hey God, let's add that to your to-do list for today too!
*Getting some pants that fit this weekend! I can still put on all my clothes but I can only zip my size 8 pants and I only have 2 pairs of those. Most are size 4 and 6 and they don't even begin to zip up anymore. I have a belly band but that thing doesn't seem to like my butt.
*scrapbooking with my sister this weekend. I need to get my pictures printed out!
What are you looking forward to?


Jameil said...

These sound great! Methinks I'll do my own post of things I'm looking forward to since I was looking for a post! YOINK!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to traveling to Williamsburg this weekend with some family. Happy it's a 3 day weekend. Looking forward to getting a pedicure. Enjoy your weekend!

InnerDiva said...

I'm looking forward to traveling outside of New York. I don't care if it's to New Jersey.

(My bella band is tight now. Baby N isn't feeling it.)

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