Thursday, February 3, 2011

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It was so obvious on the ultrasound that I didn't even need them to tell me it was a boy. I get weekly ultrasounds (more on that later...maybe) and at week 17 I was like heyyyyyy, I never saw that part before! MrC is beyond excited, but almost everybody thought it was going to be a boy anyway, so we weren't surprised.
Now let's talk about me :) I've finally started the weight gain. At my appointment last week I was up 2 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight. Now that I'm finally gaining and have a crazy appetite I can start my light exercising again. For now it'll just be walking on the treadmill, but once it warms up, I'll hit the parks and lake. I feel quite awesome, but my back is not used to this belly thing. I've gotten quite friendly with heating pads and back rubs from MrC. I've been trying different stretches to try and help get this under control. Any suggestions for stretches or what can make sleep more comfortable or what can make sitting at my desk more comfortable?
I am so glad BabyC has gotten over this pickles phase and decided that momma should eat real food. All of a sudden, I was just hungry all the dang time! I've been eating a lot of spinach salads, but they aren't very filling and I don't like adding too many ingredients to my salad, I'm a simple gal. You know what I could eat every day? Auntie Annie's unsalted pretzel with cheese dip, chips and sour cream & onion dip, chinese food, and fruit. Do you know how hard it is to convince MrC that we should drop by the mall so I can get a pretzel? Very hard. I've succeeded once. We were going to the mall to get his watch fixed one day and I was just grinning in the car and he was like
Him: what the heck are you smiling so hard for?
Me: I get a pretzel when we get to the mall!
Him: Big Bertha, I need you to calm down. A pretzel shouldn't make anybody that dang happy.
I can't forget to mention this: I have discovered the joy of nutella. My coworkers have turned me into an addict.
WorkFriend: Have you ever had nutella?
Me: Nope, I was too scared to try it
WorkFriend: Why? It's delicious! You will love it. You will proclaim your love from the heavens.
Me: Hmmm, I've always considered it your people's type of thing (she's white, and used to me teasing her about food)
WorkFriend: Try it! *opens fresh can of nutella, sticks in a knife, and hands me some*
Me: Hmmm, it's good, we'll see, I'll try it with my apple later.
*an hour later*
Me: Dear God, this is delicious! Why didn't your people tell me about this sooner! Y'all always trying to keep us down!
(Don't worry, MrC already told me I'm going to get fired for being ra.cist one day.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to try Nutella. I've been leery of it. It seems fraudulent. Like it's trying to be a bougie peanut butter. Lol.

Welcome to team BLUE!!! He's gonna be a bundle of joy!! You will be outnumbered in the home so be prepared, lol.

I can't wait for him to get here!!!

InnerDiva said...

LOL at most of this post. Congrats for Team Blue! Now that I look at you, I should have been able to figure it out--your face looks the same. Word is that girls make you ugly...that's how I knew I was on Team Blue too.

Nutella? They've got it in the employee kitchen, but it tastes too much like chocolate for me to enjoy it.

Jameil said...

Yay baby belly! So cute! Spinach still has a p in it! LOLOLOL I love that baby!!! MrC better act right! Is he gonna wait until you're about to fall over w/BPL until he gives you every food you want??? Sheesh. I'm scared of nutella too. But we all know I hate having nuts in my food.

Nerd Girl said...

You look great! Congratulations on Baby Boy Musings!!! I've never tried Nutella - I can wait.

Nerd Girl said...

I'm back...I tried Nutella and quite enjoyed it! And promptly blamed Jameil for my new addiction. Oops!!

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