Monday, February 7, 2011

Ready for bedtime

House hunting went VERY well on Saturday. My mom, dad, and sister showed up to look at the final two houses with us. We came to a unanimous decision on which house we liked better. From the pictures we initially showed them and from the two times they went driving by the houses to look at them, they initially hated the house we picked. Once we got inside though everybody was smiling. I like it because it's my style and I see lots of little ways I can make it our home. Let's all take a moment and pray that the process goes smoothly and quickly. I'm having a baby in 4 months and he needs a bedroom :)
(pictures to come, my daddy hasn't emailed them to me yet)
We went to the Amish market after the house hunt. My sister came with us and we had a grand gluttonous time! I got some fresh made strawberry lemonade (after I drank it all I saw the small sticker that said unpasteurized. I said a little prayer over BabyC and kept it going), a donut, a caramel apple, yogurt covered pretzels, a steak and cheese pretzel (MrC's selections)and 6 regular pretzels. I love soft pretzels so very, very much :) We were in line and I knew my sister was going to want one and I wanted to have some to last me a couple of days:
Me: Ok, I'm going to get a half dozen pretzels
MrC: No you're not! (all forceful like he was my daddy)
Me: Yes I am. (all soft like I was being a defiant child scared of a beating)
ManBehindUs: *Snort, chuckle, snort*
I'm used to being the one embarrassing us in public, how dare MrC try and tell me what to do! LOL
Oh Steelers. You made it quite obvious in the first quarter that you didn't want to win, so I barely paid attention the rest of the game. We went to a friends house for the superbowl party. Tell me why come I ended up cooking the turkey sliders, salmon sliders, baked beans, and frying the chicken. It was the 3rd quarter of the game and I was still frying chicken! Thankfully she had a little deep fryer so I could sit at the table and party as the chicken cooked.
We ran out of toilet paper and qtips this morning. We've been out of mouthwash for almost two months. I think we'll get that handled today.
I'm also going to have to buy a maternity pillow and some this week. My body voices it's displeasure loudly when weight is gained. Right now my back is asking why I'm being so cruel, so I'll treat her to some comfort. I've been hogging all the pillows and poor MrC had to share a pillow I already had my head on last night because I refused to let him move anything because I was finally comfortable.
I think I'm going to start acting like my 5 year old godbrother. He's so bold with what he wants to do and it cracks me up. He was at school a few weeks ago and they just had lunch.
GodBrother: Man, that was a good lunch. I think I'm going to take me a nap. *gets up from table, gets on the floor and falls asleep*
I laughed so hard when my ma told me that story I thought I was going to shoot BabyC out. Right about now I think I'm going to climb up on my desk and take me a nap too.


Jameil said...

Yay for house hunting! Ppppppretzel! LOLOl Strawperry lemponade! MrC gets half a pass for his food nazism for sleeping on 1/4 pillow when you got comfortable! get off that desk!

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