Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm ready for a nap

We did the registry this weekend! I should be ashamed for taking this long, we can walk to Target and Babies R Us from our apartment. We did Target (because that's convenient for everybody) Babies R Us (I love that place!) and Amazon (that's where I put all my cloth diapering supplies.) I figure most people will do Target anyway and if it goes anything like our wedding, they won't even use the registry, but it's all good. I was in the store balking about prices and hollering things like "this is absurd!" and "are they crazy?" I think I saw a sign for a second hand baby sale today on the way to my appointment. I'm going to go check it out and if I find stuff cheaper than what I registered for, I'll just buy it myself and take it off the registry. No point in anybody overpaying for baby stuff. Thank God I plan on having 4 kids and I'll make sure to get our money's worth. But those $400 cribs? Heck no. We went over to the cheap section and picked the best from those. Our furniture for the living room didn't cost us that much, no way a new baby needs something that expensive.

There's a picture MrC snapped of me as I was trying to get off the ground at the store. My oh so loving sister is standing next to me completely ignoring me and he was busy laughing and singing "make way for the big girls." They both keep making fun of me. When they heard me coming down the steps my sister said "here comes the big one" and MrC proceeded to yell "boom, boom, boom" with every step I took. I think MrC is just glad he can pay me back for all the weight jokes I made about him in middle school (he lent me his shirt one day during gym class and it was a 4x! We were 13, it was hilarious to me). 

This morning my car wouldn't start. My tank was on E last week and I didn't drive it all week. Oops. Thankfully MrC was home and he handled it for me. Now we're sitting at the dining room table working from home together. Well he's working, I'm doing the same thing I do at work.

There's a tornado watch going on right now. They said 70 mph winds were coming. I don't have time to be blowing away.

My sister did my hair in coils last night. My big head took 3.5 hours to do. We were all ready to curl up and cry by the time we finished at 1 am. It's cute though, I'll try and get MrC to take some pictures for me.

Does anybody have any snoring remedies that work? For the past two nights I really wanted to do bodily harm to MrC. I almost pushed him out the bed the other night. He volunteered to sleep on the couch tonight, but I don't want him to be uncomfortable and that's not a good solution.


Jameil said...

Yay registry! I saw an AWESOME pram a few years ago at a 2nd hand shop and was like OMG I'd LOVE to get that for my cousin! My mom said a lot of people don't like their babies to have 2nd hand stuff. I would've taken that thing 3rd hand it was so cute! And appropriate for either sex- navy with white piping. MrC & your sister need to be beat! Stay in the house, shawty! PICTURE!! You can put a pillow over his face.

Nerd Girl said...

Whoo, hoo, I can't wait to peep your registry.

Have you thought about a convertible crib? We paid $200 for ours and it has been wonderful - she'll sleep in that thing 'til she goes off to college.

Go go big girl what you gon do?!? Sorry...

I was so frustrated with my hair that I was/am seriously considering shaving my head. I walked around all weekend with my hair tied up and a scarf on. I'm thinking a bald head may not be my best look.

Post a pic of your hair.

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

My sister did all cloth diapers for her first and now she's pregnant with twins so she needed more. She mentioned that she found a place online to get everything pretty cheap, so I'll find out where and let you know.

Anonymous said...

I should have just waited for her response instead of posting twice -

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