Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear People of the World

The following people owe me an apology:
TheCount's 2 best friends
Why? Cuz I am NOT pregnant! Whooohoooo I so failed that test this morning :) I told y'all I am not having kids for another 3 years. I will continue to take my birth control every day and I will continue to not be pregnant.  Also, between the 6 of y'all somebody better come up with $8 to give me for making me waste my money on that test, lol.  I really am just sensitive to smells, lazy when it's cold, and get sick from doing stupid things like eating an entire pan of cheddar garlic biscuits.
On another note, how about TheCount and I got a random check in the mail for $150 yesterday! I was praise dancing all around, lol. Keep it coming :)
Now, let the apologizing begin.


pink said...

I WILL NOT apologize!! Obviously youd been skippin on some of your pills bc if you hadnt you wouldnt have had the SLIGHTEST thought that you were preggo!

Now. what YOU should be apologizin about is the fact hat yall harrassed me about updates and pix and when i put them up...nobody has anything to say!! you kno yall triflin!

pserendipity said...

Hey, I didn't say that! The end of my sentence was going to be "When I had that stomach virus."

Therapeutic Musings said...

First of all Pink, 4 women in my family have gotten pregnant while on birth control. And with all y'all crazies constantly talking in my ear of course I was nervous. Pserendipity you are funny! Had I said I was pregnant both of y'all would have been like "told ya so!"

Darius T. Williams said...

I could have told you that you weren't pregnant. I eat a whole pan of cheddar garlic biscuits too - and I completely get lazy in all seasons...not just winter. Maybe you and I are two peas...in a pod that is?!?!

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