Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sleeping In

This morning I decided I didn't want to get up, so I didn't. I'm supposed to be at work at 8, I got out the bed at 8:45. Strolled my happy tail into work at 10. Then I realized I left my lunch and all my snacks at home :( I had planned on going out and running all my errands today anyway, but then I looked at the bank account and it looked a little different from what I was expecting, lol. So now I will be eating whatever I have in my desk drawer which turns out to be a granola bar, oatmeal, cashews, and my emergency stash of easy mac! All good things to have on hand because you never know when times are going to get a little iffy. It's going to be alright though, I'm not too worried about it. 
Ohhh you know how yesterday I mentioned the maintenance worker came and "reseted" our plugs? Well how bout that sorry sucker didn't check to make sure they worked!? Ugggghhhh don't half do a job! This morning I went to curl one side of my hair (the right side came out looking fierce! The left side was all bushy) in the bathroom. I plugged in the curling iron and nothing! It didn't even work. Then I wanted to check the plug the worker replaced in the kitchen and they fixed it off center so you can't even put anything in the socket! For real? Y'all gonna do me like that? Needless to say, TheCount will be going back down there so they can come fix it correctly. 
It's funny because a wholllleeeeee lot of things have been happening lately that seem to be trying to frustrate us or throw us off course. Somebody's mama is doing some major hating and throwing salt in our plans. Things are coming up that were really unexpected. And crazy health issues keep popping up. Something great must be about to happen for us if Satan is working this much to steal our joy :) I can't wait until we find out what it is so I can share it with everybody, all I know is it must be great cuz everyday I'm falling to my knees praying so I don't get discouraged.
Let's change the topic shall we? Let's bring some happiness to this little blog o' mine. We went to the gym last night (ohhh and I made some great garlic parmesean potato wedges!). Aside from me hollering out "I'm going to die" every five minutes it was fun. I saw my best friend's daddy. But I don't particularly care for him and I didn't think he would recognize me so I didn't speak. Now I gotta see this sleezeball man a few times a week because he is a gym nut and when he isn't out cheating on his wife, he's in the gym. Ooops did I say too much? Ok I'll end this now then.  


pink said...

youre pregnant!! thats the blessing that will be soon coming! yesss!! i just know that thats what it is (me and jesus had a talk..i told him yall needed this) =)

Im sooooo excited!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Four Words
1. garlic
2. parmesan
3. potato
4. wedges

yes - yes and yes again!

Therapeutic Musings said...

@pink: You can fall back into oblivion coming out here talking about babies again! The moment I think I'm pregnant I'll tell you. But that time is not now!!!!!

@Darius: Duuuddeeeeee they were so freaking good. Definitely something I will be making again!

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