Monday, November 3, 2008

And so it ends

Yesterday TheCount and I went out to dinner with some of his friends. During dinner TheCount said something that really hurt my feelings. I got silent and just sat there. As we all got up to leave everybody was deciding where they were going and TheCount told his friends that he couldn't go with them because he had to run me to some stores. As soon as I got in the car I started crying. TheCounts reaction to me crying only made me cry more. As we went from store to store we didn't speak to each other. We went to my parent's house to pick up a tv because ours died earlier that day. We didn't speak then. I wasn't feeling well after we ate so that didn't help. We got back home around 7. Y'all I cleaned from 7pm to 1am. I am proud to say our apartment is immaculate! The boxes of clothes that took up an entire wall in the bedroom? Done. The boxes of toiletries that took up all the space in front of the closet? Sorted, tossed, and put away. The boxes of wedding gifts in the dining room? Put away. Every dish, piece of lint on the floor, the hall closet, the bathroom. Finito! All of TheCounts work clothes ironed and put away. It makes me happy when I clean, it's peaceful. When I finally fell asleep last night I had a dream I got a raise at work.

This morning TheCount and I still did not speak. I said goodbye, he said the same. All day, no phone calls or texts. I got home at 6:15, no Count. Oh well. A few minutes later he comes in. No words. I get on the phone with my sister and I hear him in there putting something in the oven. When I finally come out of the bedroom I see he bought me the magnetic calendar I tried to find yesterday. I also see he bought a wireless router. I still don't speak to him but I do tell my sister that he did something nice. A little while later I bite his but. A little while after that he sits down and makes me fall and he laughs. Then the commercial comes on for the redskins-steelers game. He's a die hard redskin fan and I'm a steelers fan.

Me: Oh yeahhh the steelers are going to win
Him: Yeah right

And so it ends. Talking like old friends.

Him: What was wrong with you?
Me: you hurt my feelings....
Him: That wasn't my intention.....
Me: Yeah I know.

All is well :) We're about to watch my team beat his, he's hating already. Let me go get my jersey. I'm ready for some football!


pink said...

yall are so damned silly. Dont ever go to bed or leave the house fighting. One of you may not wake up or make it back home and you would have never had the chance to apologize.

i say you just smack him in the head when he pisses you off and when he asks what the hell that was for, you tell him. and then its over. see?

i love the new layout! very vibrant...makes me wanna change mine!

pserendipity said...

Yeah, that not talking? Don't let that happen again. That is all.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I know I know! I am soooo ashamed. It will not happen again guys! I'll take your advice pink :)

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