Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are a raggedy pair

Y'all, TheCount and I have been super raggedy as of late, lol. We need to be locked in our apartment so that the masses don't have to be tortured. TheCount is sick, thankfully he doesn't whine and carry on (he leaves that to me!), he simply requests hot food and tea, I love it! When he whines I know he is on his death bed (it's only happened twice in the last 5 1/2 years) so this is just a mild cold, but good gracious he is looking all types of sick, lol. He moves all slow and has his mouth hanging open, lol. Lest you think this is just a "make fun of my husband post" let me get on myself!
Our outlet in the bathroom wasn't working. I washed my hair Friday night but it wasn't dry yet when TheCount was ready to go on Saturday so I had to blow dry it and flat iron it. Why was my raggedy behind using the magnetic locker mirror on the side of our fridge. That thing was so small I couldn't even see my whole face. Let's just say this is a bad hair WEEK! That Saturday it rained hard as crap which didn't help my hair at all! Yesterday I had to go  up to the mountains for work (Frostburg for folks in the area). On top of it being a 3 hour drive it decided it should snow! Oh good Lord if my hair wasn't jacked up when I got there (which it was, lol) it was even more jacked by the time I lugged those huge boxes across campus in the snow! {Sidenote: Why does my boss keep mailing these HUGE boxes of materials to the work sites. I drive a flipping Saturn, I don't have room for that mess! And my arms are bony as all get out, I could barely wrap them around the box, we stopped every 5 steps to readjust} We rectified that mirror situation on Saturday and now I have a full length mirror in the bedroom and our maintenance person came and "reseted" (their word not mine) our bathroom plug.
Lately I've been getting these blinding headaches and my vision in my right eye goes blurry at various points of the day. Well last night I noticed my eyelids were swollen too. Woke up this morning and they still were. So now I have on my glasses that are broken. They aren't taped or anything, don't want y'all to think I'm that raggedy but let's just say if I bend over, they will fall off my face, lol. It's already happened twice today.
No need to even mention the bandaids on my sliced up fingers, lol.
On a bright note to all this busted-upness, TheCount and I joined a gym on Saturday and we are going tonight. I was talking to a personal trainer yesterday at the health fair in the mountains about how to get a Beyonce body. He was cracking up, I looked at him like, I'm sorry I missed the joke. I'm dead serious right now. The problem is I can't do high impact exercises (jogging, treadmills) because of the lupus. He was really helpful with telling me moves that would keep my hips and knees from getting any more damaged. Operation Beyonce is in full effect!


Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - oh Lord - times will get better - lol!

Therapeutic Musings said...

I sure hope so, lol!

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