Monday, November 10, 2008

Christopher Columbus must be my cousin

Y'all better be glad Laughing 808 saved your sorry behinds, with your non suggestion giving selves. I shall be moving on from that subject. (If you're confused, read the post under this, SUGGEST SOMETHING and then come back and join us please)

Want to know what I spent my day doing? Getting lost. For work I had to go to a wellness fair at the social services office. Well first my dumb butt went to the social security office (it was on the same street). Ughhh I was soooooo embarrassed when the lady told me in front of that room full of people that I was in the wrong building and she didn't even know what I was talking about. Then I drove down some and saw a social services building. After fighting through the parking thought I thought, "surely this is correct, it's so crowded." I got out of my car only to be told to go down some more. I drive down and don't see the appropriate number, but I see big complex. I go in and in the back I find the right building. I once again get the box out of my car and I see my boss arriving as well. We go in only to find out that we are at the wrong location again! We go down the street and finally find it. Geez! I had a good time though. The nurse that was helping me was a 25 year old black chick from p.g. too. Good times we had! She's doing some of the other fairs coming up with me too so I'm excited. Anyway that was done at 2 so I was on my way back home to go to the social security office to change my name. I drove up and down the same street for 20 MINUTES trying to find this place. It was hidden in the back of a shopping center. I did that and got my name changed. I'm officially Mrs. Count. I change my drivers license Friday and get a new bank account Saturday.

After leaving there at 4, I try to find the Food Lion. Good Lord! I found: Giant, a random field, a firehouse, Columbia Mall, and a nice housing complex during my 30 minute trek to Food Lion. I was so frustrated. Found it, wasn't too impressed with their prices either, got my stuff and got out. Then I remembered that I had to go to the bank. Spent another 30 minutes lost trying to find that. Got there and didn't have the darn checks. I broke down crying and screaming outside the bank.

Want to know the real sad part? I had a darn GPS system and google directions and map pulled up on my phone! How dumb can I be. Ughhh, I need a chauffeur.

(get the title? If you don't please enroll yourself back in Elementary School, or go ask a 5th grader)


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