Thursday, November 20, 2008

This post is not about me

Did you read that title Pink? This is not about me, lol.

This happened to one of my friends this week. Three people are involved. Friend, Friends Mom, and Friends Grandmom. Got that? Follow along kiddies:

Mom: Why are your boobs so big? Are you pregnant?
Friend: No mom.
Mom: Yes you are, your boobs are getting bigger
Friend: Ma, please

A few days later

Grandmom: Is friend gaining weight? She's looking a little bigger. Don't say anything, I don't want to hurt her feelings.
Mom: gets to thinking. Hmmm her brothers have made me an illegitimate grandma 4 to many times. This girl better not be lying to me.

A few more days later. Friend is in the bathroom

Mom: bursts into the bathroom
Friend:Ma! I'm using the bathroom
Mom: Girl pee on this stick. You better not be lying to me, pee on this stick now
Friend: I already used the bathroom.
Mom: locks the bathroom door and stands in front of it You aint leaving till you pee on this damn stick!
Friend: I'm not pregnant ma!
Mom: Then pee on the stick

Friend pees on the stick. Guess what boys and girls? Duhhhhh she is soooo pregnant, lol. Well I shouldn't say sooooo. She is 20 days along. In 20 days her momma and grandmomma with Alzheimer's noticed she was getting big. IN 20 DAYS!

The story cracked me up, her momma is pissed though. She called MamaTM cussin and fussin. Told her husband then ran out the house. Lord, it's going to be some interesting times coming up.

I still have one question though. How do these little high school girls hide a pregnancy for 9 months (My friend no where near small, how did they see she was getting big)? These high schoolers live with their parents and interact with teachers and peers every day and nobody notices they are pregnant? My friend got busted in 20 DAYS! Unless somebody is lying about a timeline, these other parents got some splaining to do![you must read that part in the voice of Ricky Ricardo, go back, read it again, then comment, lol]


pink said...

*givin you the serious side eye*

You sure this aint about you gurl?

Ima keep my eye on you...

Anyway, yea idk how these gurls be hidin it. Their parents have to know. Just prolly in denial.

Darius T. Williams said...


pserendipity said...

I went home for the weekend and spent several hours at my best friend's house. I've known her 16 year old daughter since she was born. While I was there, the 16 year old was there. With a tight t-shirt on. About a week later, we find out the 16 year old is 6 months pregnant. I would NEVER have ever guessed it. Her mom didnt' know either. In fact, we all thought she was taking the pills. It can happen.

pserendipity said...

On the otherhand, my mom did know that I had entered babymammahood weeks before I did. hmmmm......

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