Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's time to celebrate

I voted! I waited in line for about an hour. TheCount had a different polling center it took him 2 minutes, lol. He was quite pleased with himself. I saw my neighbors and many many of my old customers fom my CVS days. It was a beautiful thing. My Momma was working the polls. She called me a little while ago proclaiming "if I see another black face I don't know what I'll do!" At that location there are 1400 people registered to vote. About 1000 have already come through. My mom was all excited talking about "all the drug dudes came through. They rode together, lol." It made me smile. After I voted I went to my parents house and stole some fried chicken and grapes. Yummy! Then I went grocery shopping while everybody else was still at work. This dude at Safeway was just a taste smitten with me. He kept checking on me while I was shopping. When I got in line he came and got ME and only me out of the line to ring me up on a different register, no wait. I thank God he mad me cute, lol.

I'm cooking my husband his favorite meal. I wanted to make him chili, since it's Barack's favorite food to cook, but he reminded me that Barack would not be in this house tonight so I shouldn't cater to him. Now we're having lasagna, mozzarella garlic bread, and cran-apple juice. I have the sparkling cider ready for tonight. I am soooo excited. Hopefully I'm done crying. I didn't cry when I voted but when I got in the car I kept hearing his speeches and gospel songs and I couldn't help it, I was bawling. Tonight, I celebrate. I'm ready guys. I just know it's going to be a great night!


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