Monday, August 3, 2009

It Is My Birth Month!

I looooveeeee birthdays. Fortunately, my family has always made a big deal out of them. Since my dad and I were both born on August 4 and my sister was born on August 5, we always had grand joint celebrations. This year, we threw my sister a surprise party/cookout. She came home from FAMU last week so we got everybody to come over Saturday and had a grand time. Unfortunately, my sister acted like a jerk the whole time she was home, so I didn't really enjoy her company, but it's ok because I'm turning 24 tomorrow :) In true over dramatic TM fashion, I have lined up a series of events to celebrate and I have dubbed the series, "It is my birth month!" {note: that has to be read in the voice of the butler from Mr. Deeds. If you don't know what I'm talking about, rent the movie and pay attention toward the end.} Anyway here we go:
August 1: Surprise Birthday Cookout for my sister.
August 2: We went shopping. Y'all know how hard it is for TheCount to spend money, so I had to show him how much I can get for the money, lol. He first put me on a 3 outfit limit, but I convinced him to change it to a monetary limit instead. I got a pair of jeans, work pants, capri's, 5 shirts, a wallet, and some earrings, with $25 left. Oh, and I get to keep both the dresses y'all liked from last week (I never  bought dress #2. I just wanted to make sure I was getting honest feedback from y'all)
August 4: It is my birthday! We're going out to eat. Somewhere, with some people. Who? I have no clue. But I love food, so I'll love it.
August 8: A wedding. This probably shouldn't count as part of my Birth Month celebration, but since I got to buy all new stuff for it, I'll include it.
August 10: Howard County Fair. I love the fair, all the food, food, and food. Seriously, I'm giddy just thinking about it.
August 14: Montgomery County Fair- see previous line
August 15-21: Cruising.... Bahamas, Grand Cayman Islands, Mexico. Food, food, and beaches. How wonderful!
August 22: Redskins vs. Steelers pre-season game. TheCount's favorite team against my favorite team
August 29: Philadelphia: A walking food tour. Let me tell you guys about a life long goal of mine. To go to each state and eat the food it's famous for. City by city, I'll eat my way around the country. When we go to Philly, I will have cheesteaks, pizza, and Ice Cream. We already have the cheesesteak and pizza place picked out thanks to Food Network, but I haven't researched ice cream yet, it may be replaced with a different sweet treat.
There you have it, my birth month celebration! See you guys tomorrow at my internet birthday bash!


kisz4tj said...

Your cruise does sound wonderful. Your whole itin is packed! love it.

Jass said...

Happy early birthday ... my moms bday is today . And you sound just like her - celebrating your birthday for a whole month. Enjoy it- especially since you and the president have the same birthday

SimplyB said...

YAY!!! August is my birth month too.

Sound like you are going to have a ball!!!

laughing808 said...

wow, you surely have an eventful birthdya month of plans.

I hope you and the mister really enjoy the cruise.......

have fun at the fairs, I missed the PG county fair this year :(

Go REDSKINS! (spoken as a native Washingtonian)

I was just in Philly earlier this week. We attempted to do the Food Tour, but parking was very costly.

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