Saturday, March 20, 2010

And we ate... New Things


Chickpeas and Chorizo. We ate this with Naan Bread. It wasn't nasty, but I didn't like how the chorizo sausage smelled so it made it hard for me to enjoy it.


Spaghetti- I wanted a quick meal, and what's quicker than spaghetti? Ground chuck, whole grain pasta, and spaghetti sauce 


I'm pretty sure we had spaghetti again- this time with some garlic bread! How fancy of me :)


This makes a lot of food, but it's good. It was a pretty easy meal, I made it Tuesday night and then reheated it on Wednesday. MrC mixed in cheese salsa and ate it with corn chips. I used some shredded cheddar and ritz crackers- both good!


This is the same basic recipe I used last week, but this time I sliced a package of garlic flavored chicken sausage and added it in there. It was so good! Like really, really good. I cooked this in 30 minutes, so no excuses!


Cheese quesadilla


Well I wasn't buying french bread so I used hamburger buns. I also didn't have basil, so I used fresh parsley.I forgot to buy marinara sauce so I used spaghetti sauce. As you can see, you can easily make substitutions and it'll still be good!  These were really, really good! We had it with salad, it was the perfect meal for a warm day. Probably even better if you have a grill.


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