Monday, March 8, 2010

Shall we ramble?

Tonight, I'm getting in bed at 10pm. I don't have to be asleep, but I at least need to be making my way there. I don't know how 1 and 2 am always find me despite the fact that I'm exhausted. Tonight, I shall not see 1 a.m. When it shows up, it'll see me sleep!
I was going to post my recipes that I made last week on Saturday, but not only was I lazy last week, I didn't make too many good things. Everything I used a recipe for didn't turn out well. It was my random "let's see what happens" meals that turned out well.
Yesterday my ma and I went to this natural market in DC that Qhemet Biologics said carried their products. First off, it was closed. I saw somebody inside and she let us in, thankfully. Secondly, they had NO Qhemet products and the lady didn't even know what I was talking about. Third, the lady's hair was tragic and she kept complimenting me on mine. It wasn't that mine is so great, hers was just so bad! She had braids in and you could tell it had been at least a month since any type of water/cleanser/moisturizer hit that head. I told her about some easy things she could do and wrote it down for her. I hope she listens. Did I mention the store was the size of my bedroom? Seriously Qhemet? If you only sell your stuff in one store in DC, pick one big enough for me sneeze in without infecting the entire store.
We also went to a thrift store that we heard people rave about. Womp womp! I guess they got all the good stuff on Saturday. I did get some toys for the church nursery (don't worry, tonight I will wash them with soap and water, tomorrow night I will bleach them, then I will rewash them with soap and water, and then use a natural disinfectant before taking them in to the nursery). I'm in charge of the 15-24 month old class. It's a new class because we had to split up the under 24 months crowd- there's too many of them! We had huge almost 2 year olds trampling out 2 month olds. It's still the smallest class (our children's church gets 350 0-12 year olds every Sunday) so we get no real support. They have to do bulk orders for furniture and supplies, and since it's not time for the order yet, they were trying to get us some materials from the 2-3 year old class. Those teachers aren't trying to give up anything! They have so much and we have nothing but cribs (that we took from another class) and a changing table (that we took from another class). I understand that they need their stuff too, but dag, can y'all throw my kids a bone? No? Fine, I'll do it myself! I'm not the type to sit and argue or beg, I'll just handle it. We had a meeting on Saturday and after 20 minutes of back and forth asking for either cubbies, a storage cabinet, a BROKEN cubby container, or some hooks, they agreed to....NOTHING! Selfish hussies, lol.  They are gonna wish their class was as cool as mine is going to be when I'm finished with it.! My mom had to pop my hand and make me leave the store because I was about to buy 20 elmo's because then all my kids could have one! The only words all of my kids know consistently is "elmo." We were on the floor having snack yesterday and one of the kids came in with an elmo bag and they all looked up, pointed, and whispered, "elmo." It was the scariest thing ever.  My ma asked how I was going to sanitize them and then I thought of the horrible things that would be living in them and kept it moving, lol. I spent a grand total of $10.89 on 3 guitars, a turtle thingy, a cell phone that does numbers, letters, and songs, and a sesame street something. I''ll probably hit the goodwill and Christian bookstore by my house later on this week to see what I can come up with. A parent gave me a cd player to use because my kids don't really like to watch the tv (which is good because the 2-3 year old class stole our dvd player).
While we were hanging out yesterday we went to MOM's organic market. I have one by my house and go all the time, but they just opened this one near my ma. She had so much fun in that store! We made friends, we played with children (and by we, I mean me, and by play, I mean made a fool of myself while he stared at me), and I made faces at the samples and then gave them to my ma cuz I thought they were gross. We got our flax seeds (I put them in my smoothies), nettle tea (Dr. Oz told my momma it will help her hair grow), and some shampoo and conditioners. While were there my mom remembered she had a 60th birthday dinner to attend, so I tagged along.
I ate like a dang pig at the dinner. Fried chicken, fried fish, corn, salad, and seafood pasta salad. There was other food, but I just kept eating that. There was also a coconut cake (I don't eat cake) that I watched everybody taste and then make a horrible face! It was hilarious and I warned nobody. My ma asked my aunt to taste it and as soon as she did I yelled "gotcha!" and laughed and laughed as she made faces. If I'm ever watching you eat, don't eat it! If I'm looking at you it's because I know something you don't!


Jameil said...

you have to stop pushing through the sleepiness when it hits earlier. that's the only way you'll survive! lol. did you say "pick one big enough for me sneeze in without infecting the entire store"? lolol. you're a mess. 350 kids? yikes. selfishness at church is so awesome... :/ I wish you'd told me i could put flax seed in smoothies LAST WEEK!! I was gonna buy some on the super cheap but didn't know what to do w/it. Did you really on the GOTCHA!? HAHAHAHA! Horrid.

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