Thursday, March 11, 2010

Haute Couture Tea

There hasn't been anything blogworthy happening around these parts. I haven't been going anywhere to take pictures. I haven't been doing anything worth talking about. I've just been chilling. I am helping plan a bridal shower that's in May, but the maid of honor is really slacking. I emailed her 2 weeks ago telling her I had her back up here (she lives 6 hours away) and that I could do the leg work for her- no response. I emailed her 2 days ago asking her specific vision for he shower so I can start buying stuff here and there- no response. I don't  rush and I'm not planning on running out and spending $500 in one day cuz you waited until the last minute and I didn't have time to bargain hunt. It's supposed to be a "high fashion tea party" theme. How exactly does one execute that? I've heard talks of a pink carpet, paparazzi, photo shoots, and a cake that resembles an Hermes bag. I'll let you read that sentence and draw your own conclusions. If you guys have any cool ideas for things to do at a "high fashion tea party" let me know. The bride has specifically requested: lemon bars, everybody wear dresses hats and/or gloves, and tea party food. Aside from some of the MOH ideas that I'm side eyeing, I'm actually looking forward to it. I wanted a fancy tea party for my shower, but my ma and sister refused to buy tea cups and pots. Cheap hussies.
I've already purchased a white porcelain tea pot from goodwill for $3 and I'll be dropping by various thrift stores to pick up some more items as soon as I get told the vision. There was another patterned tea pot with matching platter for $6, but I didn't know if the MOH wanted them all a certain color. I think it would be cool if all the decorations were white and the tea sets were mismatched. It would ONLY look elegant if all the other decorations were black and white, otherwise the room would look chaotic. Alright, I'm off to find some cool ideas, and to email the bride to ask where the heck her save the dates for her JUNE wedding!


Jameil said...

What a cool vision! I hate tea parties, though. I like the clothes, but the food irritates me. I want FOOD. Not finger sandwiches and truffles.

pserendipity said...

The phrase "cheap hussies" will remain with me all day. *Sigh*

Nerd Girl said...

The tea party idea is cute - I've seen it done with mismatched sets of china and I thought it looked good. If I can figure out where I saw it I'll share the info.

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