Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy Season

Yesterday I left all my food at home, today I left my cell phone. Can you say brain overload? Leaving my cell phone behind was probably for the best, because it means no twitter today and I'll probably get some of this work done. My tasks for the day have started invading my dreams. I had a dream about watering my plants last night, they were yelling at me because they were dying and dried out. I guess I'll get around to watering them tonight.
My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary yesterday. My mom isn't really a gift person, but she was actually really excited about what we got her: a Home Depot gift card. They're redoing the hall bathroom so I knew it would come in handy. Apparently she thinks I'm super cheap, because she was amazed at the amount. Dag ma, it is y'all silver anniversary- the least I could do was spend $100.  The next time they go out of town, we're going to redo their mailbox for them. As many times as I've driven into it, I need to be the one to fix it!
Thanks for the shoe suggestions the other day. I ordered one of NewRibena's suggestions. Much appreciated guys!
I've been nominated for a position at church and I'm not sure how I feel about it. First off, I want to know who the heck nominated me. I physically attacked TheCount because he wouldn't tell me and I know he knows! I'm 99.9% sure he was in cahoots with my friend's husband. If she's nominated too, it will confirm my suspicions- TheCount nominated Friend and FriendsHusband nominated me. We'll see what happens. (FYI: it's not a competition for one position, they pick multiple people each year. The congregation makes the nominations, the deacons/elders look over the list then pass it on to the Pastors. The Pastors have the final say.)
Alright, time to get to work! Going to check out that new Marvin Sapp CD then listen to some jazz as I try to finish updating eligibility and doing some audits that were sent to us LAST YEAR, but we didn't have anybody to do them. They decided to train me and now I'll be going through the spreadsheets conducting the audits (tasks that I don't enjoy, but I shall not complain).


Ieisha said...

What field/industry do you work in? You've had audits that were supposed to be done a year ago?! Wow!!

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