Tuesday, February 8, 2011

House Hunting: The Finale part 1

The pictures my dad took were so dang crappy! It was like he was trying to take pictures of the woman's stuff instead of the rooms! Thankfully I have some cell phone pictures. We've decided which house we want, but I won't tell you which one we picked. I'll try to be unbiased in my descriptions, lol.
Today we'll compare the exterior of the homes. House #1 is lovely on the outside. I really like the covered front door and the two car garage. There are crepe myrtle trees in the front yard, I love crepe myrtles! The back yard is very large and has a deck and a shed and at least two large trees and I could see myself napping in the hammock while my minions cook dinner. It was cold outside so I didn't go out there and apparently didn't take any pictures either. The backyard wasn't completely fenced in, so that's something we'd have to do. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the neighbor's house. Let's just say the shutters are painted ketchup and the garage is painted mustard. I wanted to burn it down.
House #2 only has a one car garage but the driveway can fit 4 cars and it has a very large front yard. Andddddd the mailbox is attached to the house. I've always dreamed of such a joy! There would be no running down the icy/wet/cold driveway to get the mail (I've had some serious mailbox trauma- for real.) The tree in the front yard is a bit too big. The lady said it covers the cars in the fall which would be a real pain. It would also be a pain if it came crashing through the window- cuz that would be the baby's room. We really like the backyard on this house. There's no deck, but there's a stoned patio and a pergola and a swing! There are also baby toys already back there and the lady said she would leave them for us. MrC is scared that if we bought this house I would hang an insane amount of wind chimes back there and end up going to jail for disturbing the peace. He's probably right. The yard is completely fenced in and it looks like when the trees get some leaves we'll be able to have a bit more privacy from the neighbors back there. MrC got really excited about the little pond thing. He said he would get a heater and put our turtles out there. I think that would be pretty cool and Winterset and Marburry would probably enjoy the upgrade too. There are a lot of trees/bushes planted back there. Some of them might don't make it because I've been known to kill things quickly. I'm curious as to what it'll look like in the spring though.
Alright, tomorrow we cover kitchens and living/family rooms.


InnerDiva said...

Sorry, but I'm dying at Winterset and Marburry. I'm so excited about your house buying! I like the house with the turtle pool.

Nerd Girl said...

I think house #2 is your fave.
I'm both amused and frightened by the turtles' names!

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