Monday, November 16, 2009

Another blame the hormones post

I had to leave work early to pick TheCount up from the airport. Somehow I found my way in TJMaxx buying boots, still not sure how that happened. We got home around 6, I think, and I had plans to cook dinner and chill out in the bed reading my Real Simple, Harper's Bazaar, and In Style magazines. My best friend called and said she had the stuff I ordered from her sister's fundraiser to drop off. I really didn't feel like having company, but I did want my stuff so I told her to stop by. In all honestly, I haven't talked to her int he last 2 weeks because I just couldn't take her constant complaining/worrying/drama. She also never knows what to say and most of the times I find it funny and can laugh it off, but sometimes I just want to say,"you are 24 and you have a college degree. You should have more sense than that." The very first sentence out her mouth when she arrived set the tone for the entire night.
Me: Heyyyy, EJ
Ej: Wow, your house smells like fish.
--stop the track. this heifer is rude--
Me: Yeah, we just steamed and ate 3 pounds of crab legs for dinner.
But what if we hadn't? What if we just had a stinky house? What if I was sick and had a bad body odor and was uncomfortable with the situation? Maybe I'm ultra sensitive, but I've been to some downright funky houses, but I never insulted the residents by saying, good lord your house stanks as soon as I walk in the door. That's rude. If you don't like the smell, go home. If you need to say something, find a more tactful way of saying it. By the way, your moms house smells like pee, but I haven't found a nice way to say it yet. There are 8 people living there, somebody must smell it too, maybe I should say if while I'm still at the door next time.
Anyway, she stayed, and stayed, and stayed. I was planning to get in the shower and wash my hair, but she stayed, and stayed, and stayed. What did we talk about? She's balding, she hates her hairdresser, her 16 year old brother is getting on her nerves, her car is messed up again, she hates her part time job, she wants to sue Yaz because she thinks it made her depressed, she was mad at Target because the pharmacist was rude, oh and she thinks I should cut my hair now.
Ej: You should cut your hair now, you have enough new growth
Me: TheCount doesn't really want it this short, so I'll wait.
Ej: But you have enough hair, you should cut it.
Me: I'll wait
Ej: But you have to face to get it cut short.
Me: I'll wait.
Ej: When?
Me: Either June of next year of for my birthday in August.
Ej: That will be a good birthday present, but you should cut it now.
Me: I'll wait.
Dear God, please deliver me from this madness. I started venting on Twitter because I was sitting next to TheCount and I knew he was reading what I was typing. He kept on accommodating Ej. Ej, want some food? NO!!!! I want her to be hungry and go home! Ej, you said you wanted to watch the Monique show? Well here it is. PJD finally typed some sense into TheCount and he stopped changing to shows that Ej wanted to watch and she went home. I washed my hair and was so tired I fell asleep on my magazine with my wet hair still in the towel.
Hmmm, reading that makes me seem mean. Well, it's how I felt Friday (perhaps this is PMS talking, yeah, lets blame hormones).
I stayed home and cleaned up, braided my hair, and we had people over to watch the fight.
Worked in the nursery at church, had a meeting afterward, went to my parent's house, went to a youth event at another church, went home to read my magazines and chill out. 


Product Junkie Diva said...

I was lol that night...the Count wanted to be the best host

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