Monday, November 9, 2009


Last night TheCount and I had to go to DC for a charity event for one of my coworkers. I had completely forgotten about the event and only remembered an hour before the event just as we were about to leave my parent's house and go home. I didn't want to go, TheCount really didn't want to go, but I had given my word, so we went. The event was nice enough and he was really excited that we came through. TheCount called one of his friends and he came and chilled too. We left around 7:30pm and walked back to where we parked the car, only to find that our car had been stolen. Sigh, deep breath, look around, call police. As TheCount called the police I called his friend:
Me: Dude, somebody stole our car.
Friend: What? Dag, I'm turning back around, I'll be there in a second.
While waiting for Friend, I called my momma:
Me: Ma, somebody stole our car
Ma: Are you serious? Well don't stress, you know you can use my van for the week. You'll just have to pick me up on Wednesday, but it'll work out.
The police officer came and we talked to him for a while, he was a very polite fellow. Around 8:00 we were getting into Friend's nice shiny fancy Lexus (seriously thieves, you chose a 1996 Nissan Altima out of all the cars on that street? You're dumb).
Friend: Y'all want me to take y'all to your house?
TheCount: No, you can just take us to TM's parent's house.
Friend: I don't mind taking y'all up there {It was an hour away}
TheCount: Nah, her parent's are giving us the van to use
Friend: Oh ok, cool
We got to my parent's house and went inside to talk as TheCount called his momma to tell her what happened.
Daddy: Where were y'all at?
Me: H street
Daddy: Oh, ok. Well I work over there so I'll drive around tomorrow and see if I can spot his car.
When I think about all that happened last night, I don't get mad that somebody stole our car {and my dang tennis shoes that I need for Wednesday, and my freshly baked Sweet Potato Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies}. In fact, I don't get mad at all, I laugh. Our friends and family all did what they could to help us, to make sure our needs were met. They took care of us. I know my Father in Heaven loves me much more than they ever could, so I know He has our back. Those character-less thieves tried to do us evil, but God will work it out for our good. I firmly believe that. Funny thing is, TheCount knew something was going to happen. He was praying on the way to the event so he could make sure his attitude was right, because he really didn't want to go.
God: will you still have your joy?
TheCount: Of course, it's only a few hours with her coworkers.
God: No, will you really have joy if something happens to you. If something happens to your car?
TheCount: Yeah, of course.
It reminded me of Kelly's post a few weeks ago, His Voice. God has our back. Always has, always will.


Product Junkie Diva said...

So sorry to learn that your car was stolen. I am certain that things will work out for you both.

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