Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today's Tasks

My boss is working from home today which works out perfectly for me, because I have so much stuff I need to get done.
Eyebrows Threaded
Buy another pair of New Balances
Find some pants to go with an  burnt orange plaid boyfriend shirt. Any suggestions? I have a feeling it could be worn as a dress if I didn't have such a huge butt, but I do, so that makes this dress fall into the shirt category.
Not spend too much money because it looks like we'll be buying another car
Research cars, even though TheCount will be working in Detroit tomorrow. I told him to catch his flight there, do the inspection, then go buy a car and drive back. It made perfect sense to me, but he looked at me like I was a fool, lol.
Figure out what the heck we're going to do in New York tomorrow besides walk around. What's the weather like up there y'all? We're having mommy- daughter day. It'll be 6 of us up there. Why? I have no idea other than the fact that my mom hops on the bus like once a month to go to New York and this time she invited friends.
Start my new work out plan with my workout buddy. Today is Arms & Abs. Wednesdays are butts and thighs, but I'm off tomorrow.
My first order of business is to get some food. How I managed to leave my breakfast and lunch at home is beyond me. Not one of my finest moments.
What are your tasks for today?


Product Junkie Diva said...

Well let me give you the weather report..lol
Today is lovely and yesterday was lovely as well, people were actually walking around in shorts. Personally I didn't think it was warm enough for shorts but whatever..lol I had on my coat this morning but I didn't feel too warm with it on because every once in a while a good old breeze would flutter past and blow cool air my way so I would not recommend shorts etc. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50's, upper 50's I believe. Today we are in the 60's again...
Have a great time in NYCCCCCCC

CC said...

Lol @ Wednesdays are butts and thighs, but I'm off tomorrow.

That is my all time classic move. Take those personal days to avoid the things you should be doing. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm all caught up on work, or will be in a few. I wish I could go home and do laundry.

I guess I'll just read blogs and try to get ahead on some grading.

I'm off tomorrow, too. But I have that pesky yearly drs appointment. ARGHHH!!!

Jameil said...

black jeans would be perfect w/that shirt. grey jeans are trendier but would fit, too. i need to work it out today, too!!

Nerd Girl said...

I'm sorry about your car. (I know, I know I'm on the wrong post) I kept thinking you were going to post a "just kidding" but I suppose not.

We're having great weather in MS. You should come here instead!

Today I'll be working - and I use that term loosely - possibly going to Bible study and definitely working on a paper. Sadly, that's about it!

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