Friday, November 20, 2009

Hi Lo

I have been quite busy these past few days. Let's play a game! Well it's not really a game for y'all, but it's a game for me, here we go!
High: I spent the night at my parent's house so my momma could drop me off at the place I was working for the day. I had an open house/health fair to attend and it was right around the corner from their house. The fair was wonderful, very well attended and the campus was very nice. There was a dude there that I went to high school with- he didn't remember me. He kept coming back to my table flirting and telling jokes, I just laughed. At one point he sat down at my table and we were talking (I honestly thought at this point he thought I was familiar and was trying to place it- nope, no clue). When he finally asked, "so are you from around here," I said, "dude, we went to the same high school. We graduated the same year, and you were friends with my husband." About 15 minutes later it finally clicked and he remembered me. I was laughing so hard, because he kept on asking, "are you serious? For real?" Dude yeah, but don't feel bad, I didn't talk until my Senior year of high school. He kept calling all his coworkers over to the table to tell them the story because he found it so funny.
Low: My daddy is tripping. He came into my room and said, "TM, I want you to pay for your sister's hotel room next week when we go on vacation." Say what now? I thought he was joking. I looked him in his face and laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more- he wasn't joking. He said it again, I got smart, he said it again, I turned the t.v. up. What's wrong with what he asked? Let me count the ways:
1. I'm not going on the trip. I'll be darned if I pay for somebody to go on a trip whilst I stay home because I already decided it wasn't a wise financial decision.
2. You're not going to tell me how to spend my money.
3. Did you ask my husband? No, you waited until he was distracted so you could come to me with this bull.
4. You're not going to TELL me how to spend my money.
5. I'm not obligated to financially support anybody I didn't birth.
6. You're not going to tell me how to spend MY money.
7. Vacations are a luxury, not a right. You can't afford to go- you don't go.
Y'all I was really mad. I ended the conversation with my daddy by saying, "everybody should be talking to Jesus and not each other. I live in a rented apartment, his daddy owns Heaven." I texted my sister to see if she needed money, if she had asked me I would have gladly given it to her. She said, "no, I'm fine, daddy said he was going to pay for my room, so he needs to pay for it." I told my momma and she said, "HE DID WHAT? Let me tell that man, he don't have no business asking his kids for money. Maybe it's because we used to give our parents money. But our parents ain't have it like we do. Don't worry about it honey. We aren't asking for your money until we get old."
Was I wrong to be upset that he tried to tell me how to spend my money? Wait until after you read this next part to decide.
High: So they found our car last week. For days and days, we called the impound lot but nobody could figure out which lot had our car. They finally figured it out- it was in the evidence lot because it was involved in a hit and run. We got to the lot to get our car and my shoes and TheCount's football cleats were still in there.
Low: Rest in Peace Nissan Altima- cuz you're going to the junkyard! Those sucker thieves took the whole radio/heat/air section, the fricking steering wheel (who does that? LOL), our gps system that was hidden under the seat, my sweet potato oatmeal chocolate chip and pecan cookies AND the container they were in (y'all could have left my tupperware) along with TheCount's sports equipment.
High: Our trip to the MVA took all of 30 seconds. As I was arguing with TheCount about me walking in that room full of people to ask a dumb question the exact person we needed walked outside and said "Are you here for XYZ? Push this button and walk here." Just like that we were done!
High: My outfit is banging!
Low: My hair is so horrendous I almost did the big chop this morning  so I could I could rock a fro to work. I've gone through a major hair growth spurt in the last month and blending wasn't even an option this morning. I rode to work with 3 bright orange flexi rods in my hair and my purple scarf tying down the back.
TheCount's birthday is Sunday, if you're in town and you wanna hang out and watch the Redskins/Cowboys game with us, email me!


Sweetangel said...

I usually lurk but i had to say something here. You are absolutely RIGHT to be upset about your dad. That is also one of my biggest pet peeves, people trying to tell me how to spend my money. I swear i'll rather donate my money to charity than have some family member tell me how to spend my money. I work very hard for my money so nobody better tell me what to do with my money. I feel you 150%

CC said...

I must say again, your life is funny. What got me wasnt that he asked you for the money, but that he waited till the hubby was out of hearing range to unload that question. lol. just like my daddy.

Jameil said...

yeah. right. my dad used to ask/tell me it was time for me to be helping my sister & would promptly get a side eye & a "yeah right." she was in college and i was 3 years out. are you serious about that? again, he could afford it. but he didn't fight me on it ever. why didn't you talk until sr. year? lol @ they could've left your tupperware! maybe they did but some other thieves took it before the cops got there.

Serenity3-0 said...

I'm sorry to hear about your car. And yes, I would have ignored your dad with that request. You are 100% correct that vacations are optional! she can't afford it, she needs to stay home! I don't know how I didn't even know you had a sister. I thought you were an only kid.

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM, TM , TM how do you manage to crack me up every single time??? HUH? LOl
Ok your dad cracks me up too, but I guess he didn't want to come out of pocked for your sis so he decided to hit up his young, energetic and employed
Sorry about your car....

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