Monday, November 23, 2009

Naptime yet?

Friday TheCount and I went down to my parent's house to spend the weekend there since all of our weekend activities were closer to their house than ours. My mom was giving my old bed to my friend for her daughter, so I went with her to drop it off. On Friday nights there house is a free for all. There are two 4 year olds and a 3 year old. Y'all it was mass chaos. At 11 p.m. they decided they wanted to be pirates and started getting dressed and singing pirate songs. I have a video on my cell phone so I'm going to see if I can post it.
Saturday TheCount hijacked my car knowing I needed to get some additional groceries for his birthday party. He plays football Saturday mornings and goes to the barbershop in the afternoon. His haircut appointment was at 4pm, when I called him at 5:30 his sorry sucka barber was in the background hollering "Sorry Mrs. Count, Sorrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy." This sorry sucka fool had me waiting for hours for him to bring me my dang groceries. He called me every 5 minutes from the grocery store making me want to chop him in his throat:
Heavy cream? What's that? Is it on the coffee aisle? By bread crumbs do you mean croutons? Does it matter if the cream cheese is reduced fat? Do you want name brand graham crackers? Where is this minced garlic? What if they don't have Italian salad?
 When TheCount finally got back to my parents house with my groceries he also had a new outfit, 2 video games, and some dinner, all courtesy of the barbershop. I spent all Saturday night cooking for his party. My wonderful mama was in the kitchen helping me and she kept asking, "how the heck were you going to do all this by yourself?" Ma, it's just what I do. I get it done.
Sunday morning we went to church went back to my parent's house and I immediately had to finish the food for the party. We got to the house at noon, the party was at 1pm. I served baked chicken sausage ziti, a vegetarian ziti in a cream sauce, cheesy garlic bread, salad, meatballs, sweet potato cheesecake, sweet potato cupcakes, and coconut/ caramel/ chocolate cookies. We had 9 additional guests than I was expecting, so yeah, there are no leftovers. The food got rave reviews though, surprising the thing people loved most was the ziti I was just throwing stuff in. That afternoon we went to my friend's house for an hour because she was having a jewelry party and I wanted to show my face. Since TheCount and my daddy had to work on my car today, TheCount decided we should spend the night at their house again, so I got to spend a fun filled weekend with my momma. Now, I'm tireder than tired can be so I'm glad I only have to work 2 days this week :) Tomorrow is my Friday!


CC said...

Good for you! I have three days of torture...I mean school and then my fun filled weekend will begin...hopefully.

*Ms.B* said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend lol ...

Is your job hiring I wanna come work there lol I have to work Thanksgiving :( Enjoy your break you deserve one

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