Thursday, November 5, 2009


Our living room is finally home-y! The redecorating bug that hit me 2 weeks ago wasn't an expensive one thankfully. I got the rust pillows from Home Goods for $20 (for both) and the black pillows are from Kohl's and they were like $17 (for both). The rug came from Kohl's for $89.99 (I also got $20 Kohl's cash that I used toward a pair of boots on Saturday- don't tell TheCount, he hasn't noticed them yet). The candle was $5 from B&BW because my huge purple candle was throwing off my design asthetic. The table is never that clean though. We normally at least have our 2 laptops, 2 glasses of water, and whatever mail we got for the day- but there was no need to show y'all all that.


Product Junkie Diva said...

Lovely- great job Mrs. C.
So I see a side job as a decorator around the corner for you?

laughing808 said...

loves the rug!

pserendipity said...

Good job! I love those lamps.

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