Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Will this stuff work?

I love trying new things. I'm always grabbing something while in the store just to see if it works. That leads me to this awesomely random post today. The fresh balls product made me laugh and honestly that's why I bought it. Sherri Shepherd tweeted about it, I clicked the link, thought it was funny, and said "ohhh I'm so getting this for TheCounts birthday." Is this TMI? Probably! I just want to know if it will work (I'm not going to link the site because I really don't think googling fresh balls is a good idea at work, lol). TheCount uses baby powder everyday to keep his life fresh, but I get so mad because he always leaves a white coating of powder on the rugs/carpet/bed/wherever his crazy self is dressing and it is aggravating! I'll keep you guys posted on if this works or not (ok, I KNOW that's TMI).
The second product I saw in TJMaxx when I had no business being in there. The ingredients are Green tea with natural garcinia, natural black seed, natural cumin seed and natural fenugreek. The box claims that these are slimming agents. It was only $4 so I said what the, hey, why not? I made a cup yesterday and it smells and takes like cumin water. My solution was to add in another teabag of a flavor that I do enjoy so I can get through it. {BTW: that's the lovely view from my office window.}
What totally random product have you purchased lately? Anything you're thinking about purchasing?


CC said...

I'm thinking about purchasing a whole BUNCH of stuff. But unfortunately, it is only a thought. I was looking at the view from your window and I saw the Fed-Ex truck, lol, then my door bell rang and it was Fed-Ex. I got scared.

pserendipity said...

Dear TM, After reading the fresh balls part of this post, I'm not going to be the same. Ever. Thanks.

kisz4tj said...

I need resuscitation..QUICK! too late *dead*

Nerd Girl said...

Please post something new so that I can stop looking at that tube of Fresh Balls!!! Please?!?

I have broken my vow not to comment on this post. I'm thinking about breaking my vow of not asking if FB actually worked!!!

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