Friday, November 13, 2009

What's going on with you?

They found the car! It got towed on Monday and they mailed us a letter Tuesday and we got it last night. TheCount is working in Wisconsin today so we can't go get it until tomorrow. If it's totally trashed we'll probably just get anything out of it that's left and go buy a new car. At least we know where it is now. We won't have to sit around and wonder if we should buy a car or not.
This morning when I dropped TheCount off at the airport I asked him to bring me back some cheese from Wisconsin. He told me no. How rude of you to go to a place I've been dying to go to since sixth grade and not bring my back some cheese. That's just mean. I should leave him at the airport if he comes back without my cheese. In sixth grade I had this boyfriend that was obsessed with cheese just like I was. He could name over 100 types of cheese. I used to sit and listen like he was reading poetry. If anybody knows a 24 year old Stephen Crocker, let me know!
I've noticed something about our apartment. It's loud. Really, really loud. Not the apartment itself, but the inhabitants. If we're quiet, it usually means that somebody is upset. We don't do that yelling in an argument let's slam doors and act like words don't work stuff. We get quiet, calm ourselves, then talk it out. But when we're happy? I'm screaming random jokes {this week it's been "pow, right in the kisser" as I run toward him full speed with my fist out}, TheCount is usually chasing me trying to get on my back, or I'm dancing on the furniture to whatever song is in my head. We really need a house, we are too loud for apartment living.
God answers prayers y'all. You should try it out.
I really want a steak and cheese sandwich and a salad for lunch. You know what that means? I'll be having a steak and cheese sandwich and salad for lunch.
I hate Dunkin Donuts' donuts. They're nasty to me. I just ate half of one so I would have some food on my tummy to take my vitamins. Gross. I had to wrap it up and move my trash can because the smell sickens me.
Yesterday I was trying to tell a joke to TheCount and I messed it up so badly he wouldn't stop laughing. It ended up being funnier than my joke.
Me: Man, I left my B-12's at home today so I was walking around the office trying to bum a few pills of people.
TheCount: You on drugs man?
Me: Yeah, I was like a fiend, I had the scratches and everything.
TheCount: What!?
Me: I mean the shakes, you know what I meant fool. Don't judge me.
TheCount: Bwhahahaha, you're an idiot.
I thought I had my shopping under control. I've proved myself wrong. I don't know how this happened: lovely cognac colored boots, 2 watches for TheCount (his bday is coming up), a new men's hygiene product (it's really funny, when it arrives, I'll post about it), some Victoria Secret smell goods, a new sweater (that's so warm I may go get it another color on Monday, it was only $20 from Nordstrom Rack), a really cute phone case, new gloves, new tennis shoes, some yoga pants (yoga pants are my version of leggings), a new face wash, mask, scrub, and moisturizer from Mario Badescu, and a subscription to Cooking Light magazine all within the last 2 weeks. Well the boots may have been 3 weeks ago, if they are, that doesn't count in my list. Dear Jesus, TheCount needs a raise, his wife is out of control. Please bless him with a raise, because I know you value our marriage. Thanks and Amen.


CC said...

Your life is funny. I love reading your blog. Everything you say is so relateable.

Jameil said...

I used to sit and listen like he was reading poetry.<<< ROTFL!!! HILARIOUS! I thought I liked cheese but that is a new level! & I've never wanted to go to Wisconsin! I also get my fake drug fiend reactions mixed up. Lol.

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