Thursday, April 28, 2011

Judah's room: beginning stages

CoCalo Azania Lamp Base & Shade -  Cocalo - Toys"R"Us   I've started buying things for Judah's room. I saw this lamp during my field trip yesterday on marked down to $24.99. It's currently at Babies R us for $45. Hopefully I'll be able to find some more pieces from this collection for cheaper than they have it at Babies R Us, if not I have a few gift cards I can use to get some of the matching accessories. 

    We didn't buy the furniture yet, but I think this is the set we're going with. MrC agreed with Serenity23 that changing tables are unnecessary, but I really want one! I can't imagine not having one. I promised him I'll turn it into something useful once all the kids are too big. Since we'll probably be onto our next child when Judah is ready to get his big boy room, we'll just use this furniture set again. It's sold altogether at a price cheaper than what I was looking at originally. 
Summer "Monkey Jungle" 4-Piece Crib Set We did buy this bedding set yesterday. It was $50 at Burlington. The set I originally wanted was $180. I don't know what the heck I was smoking, but I must didn't see that price tag. I love Judah, but I don't love him enough to spend that on his bedding. I don't know if I love me enough for that. Anyway I don't like crib bumpers like that, I'm getting a mesh one in case Judah's face ever gets trapped next to it so he'll be able to breath. I'm going to cut up the bumper and get my mom to make another blanket, and I'm going to make some wall decals, and I'm going to decorate the hamper with the leftover pieces. 

I found some bamboo blinds that were really cute, but since I don't have the measurements for the windows yet, I can't get them. We're making house progress, so it won't be long now!

That's all we have decided on so far. Sunday we'll probably go to another store and look. I've been doing a good job of obeying my doctor's house arrest requests. We were in the store for about an hour and then I got uncomfortable, so we wrapped it up and went home. 


Stylentologist said...

I think you should get a changing table if you want one. The baby I sit for regularly is 15 months and we all change him on it, still! I love them, they make it easier and it helps the baby establish a routine.

Jameil said...

Ummmmm do you use the bed if you don't have a changing table??? The floor?? A coffee table??? The kitchen counter?? $180? Wow! I love the bamboo blinds idea! Now don't go anywhere tomorrow.

InnerDiva said...

Cute! Where did you get the lamp? I looked at your registry...and laughed because our first like, 6 items are exactly the same. My mother in law is supposed to buy N's bedding, but I think she's going to freak out at the $189 price tag (that's why my diaper bag isn't on the registry, I don't want to hear people's mouths).

Nerd Girl said...

Team Mr. C and S23. Sorry!

Where are you registered?

@Jameil - yep. Depending on where we were, I changed LG on either the bed or the floor. I had a couple little changing pads and just slid one under her. I couldn't even wrap my mind around a changing table when I first saw one...

*ducks and runs out of the thread*

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