Monday, April 4, 2011

Picture Day

We went and took pictures this weekend :) I learned a lot from our little photo shoot.
1. Even though my dad loves photography and has the expensive camera and stuff, he's not very good at it. It's just not his calling. We're going to go take some more in May with someody a little better at angles and lighting.
2. I'm a lot bigger than I feel. MrC's friend saw me yesterday for the first time in about a month and said "whoa." I looked at the pictures and said, "whoa." In my head I'm slim and sexy, but reality isn't really agreeing.
3. MrC is a hater. All this eyebrow drama started because of him. I've always loved my eyebrows, they're just not thick. Every time I say I'm going to get my eyebrows done MrC starts laughing and yells "you ain't got no brows man." I think he's just jealous because he has enough eyebrows for 3 people. Look at my picture, my eyebrows look just fine. I'm done with that loser.
4. MrC talks too much. In 1/4 of the pictures he is talking. In another 1/4 of the pictures I am reacting violently to all his dang chatter. There are pictures of me punching him, cutting my eyes telling him to shut up, and looking at him asking why the heck he keeps talking while my dad is trying to take the picture. His main question was "is he taking it yet?" Of course soon as he opened his mouth to ask, the picture was snapped. Shut up and smile. There is a series of pictures where I'm facing him and about to grab his face with both my hands and tell him to shut up. I'll have to post them once my dad gives me the cd- I look evil. MrC was glad my meanness was captured on film.
5. I don't understand abstract. America's Next Top Model I am not. We were supposed to be staring off into space and MrC looks awesome, but I look so confused. We're going to crop me out of those and just let MrC have those as proof of his handsomeness. Those were the best pictures of him all day and the worst of me. My bad.
6. One of us doesn't know how to fake smile. It looks like when you tell a 4 year old to cheese. I won't say who, but it sure ain't me.
7. People don't think they should ask to take your picture. MrC was on one knee, and I was sitting on the other under a cherry blossom tree and all of a sudden 3 random strangers exclaimed "how cute!" and started snapping away.
8. If I hold my pee for 2 hours, it gets very painful. And I hobble and pray I don't wet myself. And I yell pull over as soon as a see a port a potty. Thankfully, I carry a public restroom kit with disinfecting wipes and spray, hand cleaners, tissue, and toilet seat covers. It made the experience a lot more pleasant.


Jameil said...

No. 2 is cute! At least you know now that the pics don't work! ROTFL @ strangers taking your pic w/o asking. I promise I would've done the same thing. Maybe one of them got a better picture. Should've asked for their contact info. LOLOL Rashan HATES how much I notice his eyebrows. They're just so dramatic! I don't have any either but better than my mom!!

Nerd Girl said...


laughing808 said...

I like both photos......LMAO @ "you ain't got no brows man."

InnerDiva said...

Pretty! I like the 2nd one with the cherry blossoms in the background. I think your eyebrows are on point, and now I'm inspired to trek to the city and have mine done. I don't understand why people would want pictures of people they don't know...that just seems kind of weird. I told hubby I was going to start wearing adult diapers after a particularly bad restroom.

K. Rock said...

I think the pics are cute. And what are strangers going to do with pictures of you. That is a little rude.

Adrienne said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww you look great!!!!!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Mrs. C. You both look great!!!
Thanks for sharing.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Beautiful pictures!!

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