Friday, April 8, 2011

Judah's Safari Nursery

Housing Update: We still haven't moved into the house yet. The bank ordered the BPO this week and they'll let us know what's going on next week so we can schedule our inspection. Since I'm 7 months now, I'm about to get everything together in case I'm not present when people are moving our stuff in.
This is the inspiration picture that started it all. The furniture in the nursery will be this same color. I like the colors in this picture, but the carpet in Judah's room is a dark gray/blueish color and we probably aren't going to be changing it any time soon. I think I really like that bamboo curtain rod. Can I use real bamboo or do I have to go find some overpriced rod? I'll look into that.
safari baby nursery
These are the bins I have registered for. The changing table is open, so these will be placed under the table to hold things. Koala Baby Canvas Monkey Bin - Brown - Babies R Us  - Babies"R"UsKoala Baby Canvas Giraffe Bin - Sage - Babies R Us  - Babies"R"Us
These are the possible wall decorations. Once we get the nursery set up, I'm also going to order a painting with his name on it that reflects the color of the nursery.  I'll probably also get a scripture or a quote painting for his room too. I don't know if I'm sold on the tree. There's a small little wall by the door that it might look cute against, but I won't know until we actually get in the house and hold it against the paint.
Little Boutique 3D Wall Art - MonkeyLittle Boutique 3D Wall Art - LionLittle Boutique 3D Wall Art - GiraffeLittle Boutique 3D Wall Art - Elephant  
We're buying the paint this weekend, since there's a sale at Sherwin Williams. I think we're going to paint the two side walls a tan color (those walls have the windows and the closet) and then the wall the crib will be against will be a light green.
Any of y'all have any ideas? I'm designing each room now just in case somebody has to paint the nursery for me while I'm delivering the baby! Next up is our bedroom :)


laughing808 said...

awwww......I love the color scheme. That tree might scare me, ROFL.

Jameil said...

I love it!! I really really like the tree! And the tan walls! Use whatever's cheapest but still looks good for the bamboo or fbamboo curtain rod.

Nerd Girl said...

Cute! Can't wait it to see pics of Judah's room once it is all done. I like the tree.

Serenity3-0 said...

I love the room. On a side note, I had a changing table but never really used it. I think it was a waste. A flat dresser would probably do the trick and you can still use it later on.

SimplyB said...

So cute!

I actually like the tree.

I'm no decorating help. White walls do me just fine. LOL

InnerDiva said...

Oh, come on! Would you get out of my head? LOL! I seriously want you to come check out my latest post. Seriously. Are you using low/no VOC paint, too? If you get the tree, Babies R Us has a matching rug.

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