Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's all panic and act brand new!

Now that I'm hanging in the apartment all day every day (except for field trips), I'm getting better prepared for our upcoming move/baby. I'm slowly but surely getting design ideas together. I'll post some pictures once I get a complete room idea.

Y'all my momma has been acting brand new. Lady, you have known me for 25 years and all of a sudden everything about me is new to her. When I was walking past her on Sunday she stopped me to look at a bruise by my knee and as I was telling her about it and she was feeling me up, she commented that I had really nice legs. 

Me: shut up!
Her: what? Do I tell you that all the time or something?
Me: Are you trying to make fun of me?
Her: *confused* no
Me: Last year you looked at my legs and started laughing and then talked about how fat my calves were and how I had no discernible muscle. 
Her: No I didn't!
Me: Yes you did! You talked about me and Corey and you kept laughing. Daddy had to stick up for me!
Her: Well your legs are nice, and they're not all tight and swollen. That's good.

Later on that day we were sitting on the couch and my legs were on her lap. We were all talking about spots on our body that were super light, or lacked pigment and I showed her one on my leg. Then she found what she used to tell me was my birth mark...

Her: OMG, what happened on your leg right here? 
Me: You said it was my birthmark when I was little (it's lighter than the rest of my skin and it looks like a little houndstooth pattern)
Her: I've never seen this before. You've always had this?
Me: Yeah, for as long as I can remember.
Her: wow, that's interesting. So you don't have hair on your legs? Like you don't shave them or anything?
Me: No, I just never grew hair on my legs
Her: I wonder why that is?
Me: Aunt Flo and Grandma didn't have hair on their legs either, I figured I got the trait from them
Her: Really? My sister doesn't have hair on her legs?
Aunt (not Flo): nope, neither her or momma
Me: Why don't you know these things mom?

This woman don't love me y'all. I'm going to leave out the part where she just realized I have a mole on my neck. A mole I've had my entire life. A mole I've talked to her about before. Judah, I promise I'll do better than this woman that claims to have birthed me.


People are funny. Why do they always want you to be dying of something? I didn't tell too many people I was on "bed rest" because people just take stuff too far.  When I was checking myself into the hospital last Monday the nurse was asking me 20 million health questions and at the end she said "you're so boring, why are you even here? You don't have any of these problems!" Duhhh lady, I just need to chill out. I was trying to get myself some Italian Ice on Sunday...

Mom: What are you doing!?
Me: Scooping Italian Ice
Mom: What did the doctor say!?
Me: Thou shall eat ice?
Mom: Sit down and ask somebody to get it for you. You are supposed to be resting.
Me: I'm not an invalid, but fine, come get me some ice woman.
Aunt: Are you ok?
Me: Yeah, I'm just on a little "bed rest" not strict or anything, she just wants me to take it easy.
Aunt: Were you spotting? 
Me: No
Aunt: Having contractions? 
Me: No
Aunt: Your blood pressure was high? 
Me: NO! I'm fine, my body was working too hard, she wants me to chill out so it doesn't have so much to do.

Thankfully she realized I was not about to sit and play let's make up health conditions and we moved on and all had some yummy mango ice. 

Time for me to get ready for my appointment today. Judah passed his first test on Monday and then fell asleep during his second test. Shoot, we were there for 1.5 hours, I was tired too! He wasn't in any distress, he just wasn't going to play games with those silly doctors, so they still let me go right on home since sI passed my tests too. Hopefully we can both pass all the tests today. Praying for a normal doppler (me), an 8/8 on the test with the name I can't remember (Judah), and a passing score on the non stress test (Judah). But first, lunchtime!


Jameil said...

Oh yeah! We know Judah likes food! Your mom is cracking me up! You don't know your sister has hairless legs, either??? LOL. I so rarely meet people without hair on their legs but me and my mom are in that camp, too. Yay!!

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