Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quickly Ramble

I haven't read any blogs this week. I've been so dang busy with work and this baby shower that I insist on helping with. Oh and goofing off after I finish my work.  I've had 2 trial runs with baking and frosting cookies. Today I'm going to the school of you tube to get my final technique down.  In my head I have a really cute outfit to wear for my shower. Let me find a picture because I'm sure this didn't come from my head...(this is taking a long time to find)...(no seriously.I'm looking for an image of a  gray sweatshirt shrug thingy. I got it at the gap outlet yesterday. It smells like feet in here. Back to google)...(I give up. I can't find it.) Anyway I guess I'll show y'all a picture next week of what I wore because I don't feel like looking for it any more. I'm going to go get some purple and silver accessories to go with it. And I'm wearing my hair in a fro hawk. (wait I found a picture sort of.)
 Well it's kind of like this. It's a long sleeve open sweatshirt thing. I got a long white tank top to go with it and black leggings. The sweatshirt thing hangs down and covers my butt so I won't feel like a floosy. 
It's time for me to go get my eyebrows done and drop in Forever 21 for some jewelry. And get some crazy bread from Little Ceasar's. And reschedule my dental appointment. And write a reminder to pick up my 2 gallon pail of Mango Italian Ice when I leave work. Ohhhh my coworker just brought me a chocolate covered strawberry! I feel the love.


laughing808 said...

lil Cesar's crazy bread is soooooooooo dang on good.

Now I want some, URGH!

InnerDiva said...

I'm surprised we don't have the same shower outfit, lol! Have fun! The planning for mine is driving me nuts...I ran out of invites today.

Oh, I think we're going with "Pure Joy" from the Benjamin Moore Natura line.

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