Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Crafts

This weekend I had so much fun hanging at my parent's house forcing my mom and sister to let me help with my shower. I had a surprise bridal shower in 2008 so I didn't get to help with anything. This time, I just keep showing up when I know my mom is going to be working on the shower so I get to help. I also keep getting coupons for stuff I know they need to buy so my mom will let me go to the store with her too. If she asks me "why are you here?" one more time, I'm going to drop kick her though.

We went and got the paint yesterday since it was on sale, but we didn't get it colored yet. I had out all my color choices and we have it pretty narrowed down. Now I'll just wait to get everything for the room and see how the colors look against it. We got the Harmony zero VOC paint since I'll either still be pregnant or the baby will be here when we paint. We got enough to do Judah's room, the trim for the whole house, the bathrooms/laundry room, and one other room. 

The fence in my parent's backyard needed to be repaired and like a good son in law, MrC was the assistant. On Saturday and Sunday MrC and my dad were slaving away in the backyard for hours. My sister even went to help for about 30 minutes on Sunday. She came inside to blow her nose and never went back out, lol. 

I meant to take a picture with my niece, because people always think we're sisters (or that I'm her mother even though I would have had to have her when I was 12 and I certainly wasn't getting down like that at 12) because we look so much alike. She helped on Saturday with our crafting. She kept asking "why don't y'all just buy this stuff?" They definitely don't do crafts and stuff at her house, so she was side eyeing us when we handed her a case of diapers and said "get to rolling." My best friend came over to help on Saturday too. It's funny because she is always down for whatever I'm doing even though I haven't been able to return the favor for her yet. My mom worked her half to death on my wedding and shower and she's always just so happy and willing to help. One of my friends whose wedding I was in last year and whose shower I planned has yet to show up or respond to calls/texts or be the one to tell me she's not coming to my shower even though I already know. Can y'all tell I'm in my feelings about it? My ma thinks she's just having a hard first year of marriage so I should be patient with her. I really can't stand people that can't "rejoice with those who are rejoicing" So if this a habit of hers, I don't see us having a strong friendship. Even if you didn't want to help with the shower or anything, it's common courtesy to at least return a phone call.  When she got married last year, they bought a huge new house and got it custom built. We were also house shopping at the time but their budget was clearly larger than ours, lol. I was so excited about their house you would've thought I was getting a room there. We stopped by to see the progress of it almost as much as they did! They're our friends, they were happy about their new home and so were we even though we wanted to be where they were and weren't yet. I never let my feelings about my situation cause me to not be happy for hers. Random vent over. 

I added all the finishing touches to the diaper cakes. We made 3, a giraffe themed, a monkey themed, and a whole safari themed cake. I'll post those pictures this weekend. On Sunday I made 2 towel cakes that are zebra. 

We (and by we, I mean me) had this great idea to make candles in the shapes of animals and give them out as favors. I consulted with Martha and she had a simple way to make cookie cutter candles. o_O That crap was hard y'all! We had wax spilling everywhere, headless animals, broken tails- it was not a success! Thankfully, my mom had the glass candle jars left over from my wedding so we decided to make brown and green votive candles instead.  It was much easier, and much more successful! We colored them using crayons and my sister became an expert colorist and wax melter. She was jamming to Jennifer Hudson when I snapped her picture. We have to add the finishing touches to those on Friday. My friend is busy tying bows this week for us to glue on there. I'm so grateful for her help :)

A grand time was had by all this weekend (well there was a brief period Sunday afternoon where I considered becoming a murderer. But only twitter needs to know about that. I'll let y'all continue to think of me as goodness and light!) Tonight I'm going to try my hand at making and frosting cookies, so I'm sure I'll have pictures of that this weekend. I'm so glad I made them let me help. I need somebody else to get knocked up so I can help plan their shower! I think I'm going to go buy some cheap picture frames and put up some creepy ultrasound pictures at the shower!


Jameil said...

I find the array of paint colors available DIZZYING!! It's one of those things I'd love to let someone else choose for me. Show me a room inspiration, let me say if I like it, go get it done for me. Thanks so much. ROTFL @ put up some creepy ultrasound pictures at the shower! I'm glad y'all had fun! There's no telling what your friend's deal is since it's her first year of marriage. You didn't do all that stuff for her so you could say "I did all this stuff for you!!" You did it b/c you're a good friend. Maybe she's too into her own issues right now to realize what's going on. It's so weird to be the friendship advocate right now.

InnerDiva said...

Dear Mrs. Count, I quit you. My mom and I JUST came from the craft store to pick up stuff for the diaper cakes.

kisz4tj said...

So happy for you. Your weekend was busy. I'd be pretty pissed at ya girl excuse. However, if she's going through a rough time I wouldn't hold it against her long term. She should be a big enough girl to eventually say something to you about her shady behavior.

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