Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sit back and relax

I've had 4 doctor's appointments this week. Thank the good Lord for great health insurance. I've had over 25 appointments this pregnancy so far and I've paid maybe around $120 in copays. Judah and I are still fine, but they won't let me off home rest. I'm debating on going to church this Sunday. MrC said I'd just sit in the back and do not get up until it is time to go. That's so hard for me! 

So, let's talk about work. I'm a contracted employee but I never really have any interaction with the company that actually signs my paychecks. So at the beginning of the week I told the company I'm contracted to about the bed rest thing. Alice and Z are the people I report to on my team. They were both super understanding. Today my company called Alice about something else, and Alice told them that they needed to find coverage for my fairs next week because I'm working from home until the doctor tells me otherwise. I planned on calling my project manager today after I heard the latest news from my doctor. When she called me, she wanted to play 8 million and 5 questions. She wanted to know who was going to keep track of my hours, who was going to make sure I did my work, how am I working from home. Ma'am, nobody checks behind me while I'm in the office, so why do I need somebody now? I answered the questions to the best of my ability and she said she would call Alice to talk to her. I sent Alice a heads up email including what I told my company. Alice emailed back "why do they care what you do if I don't? If we're going to pay you, why do they have a problem with it? I said you can work from home, that should settle the issue." EXACTLY!!!! Alice called me and was basically letting me know that I don't need to worry, they weren't going to make me go out on disability this early and she's fine with me working from home until June if I need to. I told her if my company had an issue, I'd just come in the office on certain days so they can stop tripping. Alice is so great because she said "girl please. If we need to tell them you're in the office we will, but you are not leaving your apartment." 

My appointment today went well. The blood flow levels are still too elevated for the doctor to allow me to go drive around and be at work, but Judah was doing quite well. He passed the Biophysical profile test with an 8 out of 8. They tested to make sure he was moving, make sure he was using muscles (he kicked me, kneed me, and I'm pretty sure gave the doctor the finger), he was practice breathing, and that the amniotic fluid was at a good level. After all that moving during the BPP test Judah messed around and fell asleep during the non stress test. In order to pass the test his heart rate had to increase by 15 for at least 30 seconds. Yeah, that doesn't happen when you're sleep! Toward the end of the test, he woke up because he had the hiccups and then he started moving around. The nurse stayed in the room with me the whole time so she could hear all the movement even though the test wasn't responding the way the doctor wanted too. She thinks Judah is just too young to pass the test, but at 32 weeks (next week) he should be able to pass. Either way, nobody was alarmed and there was no more talk of steroid shots or delivering early. Next week I get a non stress test on Monday and Thursday. The nurses at Maternal Fetal Medicine (the folks I've been seeing for the last 15 weeks) are much better than the nurses at the hospital. They explain everything and actually monitor the test as it's occurring. My ma and I had a grand time talking to the nurse as I was hooked up to the machine for an hour. 

I've been taking one field trip per day on my home confinement. I think tomorrow I'll go get my nails done. Since I'll be seated the whole time, it counts as resting. Today I went to lunch with my ma and then to Hobby Lobby and she pushed me around in the wheelchair. I need to go to BJ's tomorrow to pick up my god daughter's birthday present (diapers) so I'll roll around the store so I can't be accused of violating my rest orders. It's time for my afternoon nap now, I'm really enjoying this home confinement thing!


Jameil said...

I mean.... just fyi.... daily field trips don't count as resting!!!!! SADDOWN!!!

Cyn said...

Glad Judah is passing his tests with flying colors. Continuing to keep you both in prayer.

And yeah, sit down somewhere please.

Nerd Girl said...

Team sit down somewhere!

Glad that you and Judah are doing well.

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