Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh the drama!

I had an appointment on Monday evening to check on Judah's growth. I had planned to just go by myself, but I ended up leaving my purse at my parent's house and my ma volunteered to bring it to me and said she would attend my appointment. MrC said he would come too since he decided to work from home that day. So we all headed into Maternal Fetal Medicine for my 4 p.m. ultrasound appointment. Judah's heartbeat was 144 when she first measured (not bad) and then he kept on moving so she couldn't get anymore good readings. His weight is 3.2 lbs which is right on track. But his abdominal growth was a little small so she came and checked the blood flow through the umbilical cord and went and showed the doctor. When Dr. Neale walked in I scowled. She knows I hate to see her because it shows on my face every single time. She told me that his abdominal growth is in the 8th percentile and they want it in the 10th and because of that my twice weekly appointments will start this week. Fine. Dr. Neale, ever the overachiever, decided to look at the blood flow herself. Some number is supposed to be at 4.1 and mine was at 4.7-4.9. That's when she started talking crazy talk. She told me I had to go to the hospital now so they can do a non stress test and that I had to get a steroid shot just in case we had to deliver Judah this week. Say what now? Lady, Judah's birthday is June 3. You better realize this. My ma was feeling bad because she felt she let me work too hard over the weekend. Then the doctor told me I was on bed rest. Not strict bed rest, but no more work. Lady, I want my paycheck, we need to come to a happy medium. 

I went over to Labor and Delivery and of course they weren't ready for me yet. So they got me a chair and we hung out in the hallway for an hour or so. They have a nourishment room with free water and fruit punch. I love fruit punch! Let me shorten this story. They hooked me up for the non stress test and after an hour they said Judah wasn't doing what they wanted and I needed to do the test again. You just realized that after an hour? So she got me a cup of punch and made me lie on my side for an hour and test. Then she finally came in and gave me my steroid shot at 8. First of all, it was in my butt. Which is probably better than my arm because there's so much more meat there but I didn't expect that. This nurse just wasn't the nurse for me though. She started off talking about how it was going to hurt because the liquid was thick. Keep that to yourself heffa. My ma and MrC were laughing because I was looking crazy. Then she was telling me when she was going to stick me. I had to finally say, don't tell me, just do it. That thing hurt like heck and seemed to last forever. My left cheek still hurts and the shots make my hips sore. The doctor finally came in to see me and she said she wanted me to stay over night because they couldn't pick up on his movements and heart fluctuations even though I could feel him moving the entire time. I was pissed. I rolled my eyes and just turned away from her. MrC was so disappointed in how I treated her. I plan to give her an apology not tomorrow, because I shouldn't have taken my frustration out on her. They moved me to a permanent room and MrC went to get us some real dinner and essentials. I had just been eating snacks because I was told it was a 30 minute test and didn't expect it to be after 9 when I finally got real information. My new nurse was awesomeness. She smelled like Jergens lotion and competence. She told me exactly what we were testing and showed me how to work the bed/tv and such. I finally got some real food around 11 something and she came in and readjusted the machine every time I moved into a position that affected the readings. My mom got to go home since MrC canceled his work trip for the next day so he could stay with me. A little before one Nurse Awesome came in and said that the readings looked great and she was going to campaign to get me out of there that night if I sat still for an hour so the reading would be continuous. She came back in during that hour and I jumped and said "I didn't move, I swear!" She laughed and said that Judah had moved, readjusted and left. Around 2 something the doctor came and said I was free to go, the tests were great. Thank the Lord. I was very happy.

So what did I learn? 1. Eat real food so Judah can party like a rockstar since that's obviously what they needed. 2. Make sure the nurse actually checks on me. 3. Steroid shots in the booty aren't fun. 4. Don't be mean to the doctor's/nurses. They're trying to help me.

I had to go get another steroid shot today at the maternal fetal medicine center. This nurse was so much better. I told her not to tell me when she was going to stick me. MrC handed me a magazine. She pointed over my shoulder at a picture and asked me what it was and I was explaining it she stuck the needle in and was done before the pain even started! MrC laughed because she distracted me like I was a toddler. I sang her praises and told her she was awesome. She was also nice enough to stick me at the top of my butt so I don't have to sit on the injection site. Hopefully this will be my last steroid shot.She said next week we'll be on better terms and no needles will be allowed. I agree! We're praying the doppler's read normal on Thursday since I'm working from home this week and staying in bed except for bathroom trips and stretches/yoga moves every few hours. MrC will be in New Hampshire on Thursday so my mom will be with me. I'm not allowed to go to any more appointments by myself because I threatened to streak down the hallway and demand my freedom multiple times. Apparently, that's not acceptable. 

(p.s. it is inhumane to have a person sit in a room without panties on for hours. I asked Nurse Awesome if I could please put my panties back on and my ma started cracking up. I felt violated sitting there all unprotected.)


Jameil said...

Did you say She smelled like Jergens lotion and competence?? ROTFL! I'm sure your doc's had much worse treatment but it's good that you plan to apologize. FEED JUDAH!! Preferably foods that start with P!!

Jazz said...

LOL at you planning to streak down the hallway! I totally agree about the no underwear thing.

CaliSlim said...

My new nurse was awesomeness. She smelled like Jergens lotion and competence.

BWA HA HA HA HA!!!! You are a nut!

I'm glad you learned #4 cuz I was gonna say the same thing.

It's almost over lady! :)

Nerd Girl said...

See...you had me feeling bad when I read your comment on my post. Then I read about Nurse "Jergens and competence!" I quit you!

I'm glad that all turned out well, I shall continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy and delivery (in June) for both you and Judah, and I thank you for not streaking down the halls!!!

mrstdj said...

Continuing to pray for ya'll, and laugh at you! His birthday IS June 3! *lol* I'm happy they released you. Please take that bedrest seriously.

InnerDiva said...

Geez Louise. And I thought my diabetes was so terrible. Keeping you guys in my prayers and hoping that Judah doesn't come until June 3rd. (And crossing fingers that Baby G doesn't show up until June 10th)

Gorgeous Puddin said...

I'm glad things worked out and you were able to go home. Girl eat and do all they say. I'm praying too!

You are nut! Which Jergens?? I absolutely adore Ultra healing scent but not the Original scent

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