Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Weekend wrap up

While on our weekend away TheCount and I learned a lot more about each other, lol. We had some fun and funny times!

He learned: how much I flippin' love the waffle house! Hash browns, grilled cheese, and a waffle makes TM a very happy camper! I tried to eat there every single meal!

I learned: that if I get jumped because I wanted to be ignant, then TheCount will not help me! *set the scene: we were in the mountains, definitely in the minority, and there were mccain/palin stickers and signs EVERYWHERE! There was a stand in the mall selling tshirts. They all had confederate flags on them or were about hunting. TheCount didn't think it was funny when I decided to ask if they had any Obama tshirts. Shoot I thought it was funny and still do! The answer was no, by the way!

He learned: that I think I'm a bad @ss, even though I can't back it up worth a lick. The older men at the snow tubing hill that were cursing around the kiddies got my wrath. The man that had the audacity to interrupt my conversation with my husband got the face and evil head turn to which he promptly jumped back, put his hands in a defensive stance and apologized. TheCount was cracking up because I didn't realize I do that until I saw his response. TheCount was like. "I told you you were evil!"

I learned: TheCount and I will have to have a huge bathroom in our house because we require a huge tub. The jacuzzi there was the best and TheCount could finally stretch his legs out. Pure heaven!

We both learned: never eat at O'Charleys. It was so gross we wanted to die! Man, we should have went to the waffle house!


laughing808 said...

I LOVE the Waffle House.....

Yeah, I guess I should have mentioned you would be the minority in the vicinty of Massanutten. ROFL @ asking for an Obama TShirt.

Glad to hear yall had an enjoyable time.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Never been to the Waffle House but I always hear great things about it, or is that Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles...I'll have to inquire.

Learning about each other...doesn't it suprise you when you find things out after being together so long. I crack up all the time when it happens.

kisz4tj said...

Wud love to see video clips of this..lol

pserendipity said...

Girl, the Waffle House is where it's at! Aidan and I will post up in there at any time of the day or night.

I did that EXACT same thing on our way to Nashville! Tim came out of the bathroom in this old redneck country store and I yelled across the room "Baby, do you see the Obama merchandise over there?" He was 44 hot with me. I thought it was hilarious.

Um, yeah, OCharleys is garbage.

Apparently, we aren't gonna get another post :-), so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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