Monday, December 29, 2008

I had the best intentions.... post, but clearly I didn't! Here's the breakdown:
Wednesday, December 24: Christmas Eve
I was at work dancing around, trying to convince everybody to be a rebel and leave early with me. The vice president, CEO, and his daddy, had all gone home, why exactly were we still at work? Nobody joined me, but I still rolled out. Good grief, it was Christmas Eve, lol!
I went to church, then to my parents house to cook and bake brownies. Oh how I love warm brownies and ice cream! It may be the best thing on Earth :)
Thursday, December 25: Christmas Day
We woke up and opened presents. I am always the one that has to motivate folks. I was walking around the house in my blanket singing, "it's time for presents, come on everybody, it's time for presents." We all had a good time, my dad liked the shoes and belt we got him, which is great and were dirt cheap! My sister liked the dress and earrings I got her, which was great because they were even dirtier cheap, lol. My mom like the jewelry, ehhh not so cheap, but still a steal. And TheCount's old complaining behind liked the blazer, 1 pair of shoes, and the book I got him, but not the other pair of shoes. Ehhhhh, it's cool. My sister and I were talking about how TheCount, my mom, and her boyfriend are quick to point on when they don't like something, but we will take it to our graves when they get us some ugly crap cuz they act like it hurts their feelings so much. I got a popcorn popper from my parents, LOVE IT! I've had popcorn every day since. I think I'll bring it to work and sell popcorn out of my office! My sister got me a shirt from Forever 21 (shoot it's a recession, I spent $15 on her, she spent $5 on me, gotta love it!). TheCount got me a Nintendo DS, a game for it, Annie on DVD, and an ipod adapter for my car :) Good times man!
After presents we met up with the extended fam and went to see Seven Pounds. I HATE dramas, but I love me some Will Smith and Rosario Dawson and I appreciate good acting even more. My christmas gift to my aunts that were there was a pack of tissue. They looked at me like why are you giving me this. Halfway through the movie they were very grateful! I come from a family of criers, shoot, I know how it is. TheCount and SisterTM were looking up and down the row of family frowning at us, they don't believe in crying at a movie. After the movie I had to cry some more cuz "I didn't get my cry out good" LOL TheCount was looking at me in disgust. I enjoyed the movie though, I love it when people are talented!
We spent the rest of our day making our rounds giving and receiving more gifts. SisterCount and I got in a fight because she got everybody a candy apple with their gift except TheCount and me. I was attacking the kids, trying to steal their apples and making fun of her daughter because "she don't even got no teeth to eat an apple with!" Let's just say she promised to go get me some candy and caramel apples and that the mistake won't happen again!
Friday, December 26
Did a bunch of nothing. Went to Dupont Circle to get eyebrows threaded, went to lunch with my mom and sister, and got traumatized by rodents! We were walking back to the car and this went down
SisterTM: "Is that a rat in the middle of the street?" 
Mom and I: looking toward the direction we were walking "nahhhhh..that's a ......ummmm.....ewwwwwwww"
Mom: "Oh my God. No it isn't, yes it is, oh no, what we gonna do?"
SisterTM: "Keep walking"
Me: ohhh you big and bad huh, wait till I teach you a lesson. I waited till we were walking past where we saw the rat go to the curb and out of our vision then I screamed and pushed my sister! Mannnnnnn  Miss Big and Bad took off screaming!
People probably thought we were crazy!
Saturday and Sunday
I did nothing but thank you/happy new year cards. Dear BlogWorld, have a small wedding or you will be writing thank you cards till the cows come home, that is all. Sincerely, a concerned blogger.
TheCount literally had to pick me up out of the bed because I refused to get up. I'm at work but I'm making time to go out to Bath and Body works (sale today folks) and drive 20 miles to go to the waffle house for lunch! Yummmmmmmyyyyyyyy :)
How was your Christmas? What did BabyJesus put under your tree?


laughing808 said...

I hit up Bath & Body works Friday for their semi annual sale which included the true blue spa products at buy two get two free.......if you like body scrubs, might I suggest: I'm in the Mood for scrub or There's the Rub......both are great scrubs.

Just the mention of Waffle House has my stomach growling.

pink said...

i got an ipod touch! and i I missed you omg ive been so busy...and they really dont want us bloggin at work...but im raging against the machine and posting anyway!!!

missed you!!


Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - I love a good sale at Bath & Body Works - lol!

Therapeutic Musings said...

@laughing-girl that Waffle House trip was so worth it! I'll be trying those scrubs out :)

@Pink-don't nobody care what you got. Post 2 days in a row and then you will be relevant to me again. I kid, girl I missed you so much, lol. I had to check your facebook to make sure you were still living.

@Darius-Me too, lol!

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