Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Riddle Me This

How come I can make a bomb sesame chicken dish and even more banging curried chicken but I cannot fry chicken to save my darn life? Seriously, I made curried chicken tonight for dinner it was super simple and tasted all complicated and stuff! I've never actually had curried chicken that I liked before, I made a believer out of myself. I have this cookbook that I'm going to have to do a post on. I got it because it was recommended on this blog that I lurk on. Between that book and Darius' blog, I am a cooking machine! This may be what I bring in for the PotLuck either that or Blackbean chili with homemade tortillas (also from the cookbook). I have to try the chili next week, then I'll know for sure which will make the cut.

Y'all why did my momma go on a bus trip to a funeral yesterday? Am I the only one that found that...ummmm...odd? Like she was going to a play or a shopping trip. All excited. Called me talking 'bout, "girl we bout to go eat now, but that funeral was nice, I'll tell you about it later." Uhhhh, ok?

Today I'm driving to Salisbury for work. It's about 2.5 hours away but you'll hear no complaints from me! Why? Cuz my gas reimbursement check for December is about $350. Ohhhh yeah baby. And that's only 3 trips, this is the best side hustle ever! I can't wait until spring when we have a million and twelve fairs for work. Travelinngggggg!

Still not over the curried chicken. It was that good :) I am more awesome than even I know!

I have been having good hair weeks lately. Last week and this week. It's getting lonnnggggg! My regimen has been so simple. Cantu shea butter moisturizer at night, wrap it, then apply a little coconut oil in the morning. On wash day I've been rollersetting it on the big red rollers going to bed and unrolling it in the morning. No heat and my scalp is thanking me for it. My scalp is super sensitive. Kiddie perms burn me, adult relaxers move me to tears and falling out on the floor. Blowdriers? Cause me scabs and boils, I never straighten out my roots. I moisturize wrap it and tie it down. If you like flat hair, don't try any of what I just said. I'll try to get a picture or two, don't count on it, lol.


pserendipity said...

Riddle ME come we can't get the recipe?

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

how do you get your hair straight BTW, do you indure the kiddie perms?

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