Friday, December 5, 2008

Emergency Shopping Trip

Set the scene:TM is glancing around nervously at her coworkers. Tonight is the annual Christmas Party. Normally it's an after 5 event and is formal. This year it is from 4-7. It's also the first time I will be present. I wasn't sure what to wear so I put on black slacks, a turquoise silky type shirt, a gray shrug and grayish/silverish shoes.
Now I'm at work and I see fully made up faces (ok, that's cool, I have makeup in my bag, I can work it out in the bathroom). Then I see a burgundy vest and bowtie on somebody. Ok, did I miss the memo? Then my office worker who wears stretch pants and sweaters every day pulls out these badddddd shoes and some sheer flowy pants. One dude came in with his all white on. Ummmm should I be planning an emergency shopping trip to TJMaxx during lunch? I don't want to be the fool in the pictures that have people saying "where was she going?" LOL My outfit is dressy but it aint stand next to a dude in a tuxedo dressy. I panic about wearing appropriate clothes all the time. My mom, sister, or husband has always helped me with these things, I am way too self conscious. I'm going to look around at what some more people have on to see if I need to be hightailing it out of here to get an outfit. Problem is, when I get to TJMaxx I'll probably trip out because I don't know what to get and a salesperson will find me hunched over in the dressing room crying... because that's happened...more than once, lol. Been found by a coworker, my mom, the count, a storeworker, and a stranger. I got's issues!
Ohhh somebody please console me. Tell me I'm not the only idiot that cries in dressing rooms. I am? Daggonit, My momma always told me I was strange.
Tomorrow I'm going on a bus shopping trip with my mama, you better believe I will be buying an outfit for the other Christmas party I have to go to in 2 weeks. I'm off to go scope out outfits and figure out a game plan!
This post just won't end. I just saw another girl in white pants. I have some! They would have looked ammmaazziiingggg with this getup. Why aint nobody tell me!?


Mrs.Young_fashion said...

needless to say you may not be the only one that has cried in a dressing room, i've teared up before, these things can be stressful, especially since this is your first office party. Tell us what you got at TJ Max, don't go buying a dress now. LOL

pink said...

gurl what is it about xmas parties and blogging. i hadda blog about mine this morning too. i dont like being over or underdressed either but get your ass together and stop cryin in dressin rooms! lmao

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