Friday, December 12, 2008

Good Idea...Bad Idea: Grocery Shopping!

This week I went to the grocery store with my reusable bags and my list of things and was in and out in a flash. I realized I go to a lot of grocery stores so here is the rundown of my favorite and my least favorite grocery stores.

Good Idea: Shoppers Food Warehouse

If you want to save money while still having a great selection of products, this store is great! It's just like Safeway, Giant, and Super Fresh but much cheaper! Some of them are better than others. You have to check them out and see.

Bad Idea: Sav a Lot, Aldi, and Bottom Dollar

While they do save you a lot of money, the stores are cramped, I've found more dirty stores than clean ones, and they don't have the variety I'm used too. They have mostly generic brands so you probably won't see the brands you're used to.

Good Idea: Harris Teeter

While a little expensive for some items the quality and selection is great. If you are looking for some sort of exotic produce, high tail it there! I was in there just touching everything, I had never heard of this stuff. Bright, clean, nicely spaced aisles. Good times, man.

Bad Idea: Safeway

This store is too daggon expensive!

Bad Idea: Magruder's

I think this store is only around the DMV and while the sales paper looked promising OMG the quality of the produce was terrible! Y'all the broccoli was brown and limp, all the apples were bruised, the store was cramped, the people made me hit them with my cart because they were rude, and I was scared to buy meat, lol

Bad Idea: Whole Foods

I'm sorry but I can't afford this darn store. I pass it right on by.

Good Idea: Trader Joe's, Giant, Food Lion

Basic stores. Nothing special.

Best Idea: My Organic Market

Sorry but you can only shop here in the DMV. This store makes me smile! Great quality, non expensive, organic foods. Ohhhh how I love it. And they bag and carry your groceries out to your car. Everybody was friendly, I got some banging apples for .99 a pound. If you live in the area you must go to this store!


Darius T. Williams said...

Yea - you know what - I can't afford Whole Foods either - lol.

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