Monday, December 22, 2008

No Meat?

I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian. Don't know the point of sharing that with y'all. Is anybody that reads this blog a vegetarian (Darius, no need to answer, lol. I know how you get down!)? Any tips, hints, concerns?

So yeah, I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian, anybody got something to say?

(weekend wrap-up tomorrow)


laughing808 said...

I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't eat beef or pork. (You'll find that strict vegetarians don't eat things that are by products of animals, like eggs and milk to name a few.)

I still eat seafood, shrimp, fish, crab.....and every now and again I'll have some chicken.

So what has you thinking of becoming a vegetarian?

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

My sis and I were on a journey to becoming vegans, we jumped off that train and decided to become did not work.

What we have settled on is just cutting back on the amount of meat that is in our diet. We probably eat meat about once or twice every two weeks. Not labeling yourself a vegan or vege really helps because you end up not messing the meat at all. Sometimes we go even longer without meat.

If you are a big meat eater right now, do not stop cold turkey that is the worse idea. You'll start eating meat faster than you realize if you do that.

But once you slow down with the meat you'll find that body functions start happening more regular and easier. ;)

Happy Monday!

kisz4tj said...

What makes you want to become one? My girls were vegetarians up until 2 years ago. So for my oldest 8 years and my youngest 5 years. There are tons of meat substitutes that are tasty, but alot of them are loaded with sodium.

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