Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Christmas Time

The holidays bring about different memories and traditions for everybody. For me, one of the ways I can tell Christmas is coming when I start craving tangerines and clementines like crazy! Last year I was living at home and I had a stash of tangerines in the purse hanging on my bed post. The year before that I kept a case of clementines next to my dorm room bed. I'm like a fiend. I have to have at least 3 a day or I start getting the twitches.

We have our presents wrapped under our Christmas plant. I would take a picture but I dare not embarrass myself like that! It looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! How perfect for our first Christmas, lol. We have our lights up inside, the Christmas candle and snowglobe in place and our electric candles in place in the front windows, all for less than $30 thanks to 50% off sales at Lowes and Michaels.

This year on my gifts to people instead of a sticker with their name on it I got Christmas ornaments with their names on them and attached it to the present. Now next year they can have it on their tree and think of me!

What are some of your holiday traditions?


Just_Wondering said...

I don't really have any particular holiday traditions and I try not to buy a lot of things because people forget its about Jesus! lol So this year I'm spreading the christmas spirit by telling people the real reason for the season via gifts involving Jesus.

I think the ornaments with their names on it is a very cute idea! I hope you have a really nice christmas.

Darius T. Williams said...

Sleeping. LOL - that's one I'm going to start this year!

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