Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Devil Pills and devil food

Yesterday I was in Salisbury for work. I was sitting in a hospice with a splitting headache and no internet connection. I was a very sad camper. On the way home I alleviated my sadness by making a pit stop at the outlets. A skirt, 2 shirts, and 6 pieces of jewelry later, I was feeling good, feeling great! Got home laid on the couch with a blanket over my head and slept the headache off. I woke up to find that TheCount had not only cleaned up my trail of socks, nail polishes, and purses, but he put the rest of the Christmas lights up too :) It made me smile big time. Hopefully this is the last week of these headaches. I'm making the doctor switch these devil birth control pills again. Shoot, I'd rather just have a baby if I'm going to have headaches, not be able to wear my contacts comfortably, be nauseated, have mood swings, and gain weight, lol. I said that to say that Yaz and Yasmin are the devil. You have been warned ladies!
On my job they are having The Biggest Loser competition. I'm not participating because I refuse to lose over 10 pounds because I like my size. My booty is hot, lol. I am however coaching my officemate. I've written about her many times before. She eats McDonald's every day. She drinks at LEAST 5's a day. For lunch she has "soup" aka oodles of noodles (top ramen). Ms. Lady that is packed full of sodium. That is a hard times meal! I latch key kid or a college kid meal. You can and you will do better. I have some health tips from magazines that I'm going to write up and post on her computer. When I bring my healthy lunches (like my chili today made with ground turkey and black beans [not canned beans though, way too salty]) I will share with her so that she can do better. She thinks she can go from eating McDonalds and Pe.psi every day to just plain salads and be satisfied. No you cannot, you will be hungry, cranky, and you will fall off the wagon. She had cancer a few months ago so really she needs this to help her body stay healthy. Her husband probably wouldn't mind if she got back down to the size 10 she was a few years ago, I think she's double that size now. Her doing this diet will keep me from gaining the "marriage weight" lol. Ohhh yeah, I trapped TheCount now, time for me to blow upppp! Just kidding folks!
Does anybody have some good weight loss tips, or good "diet" meals. I'm determined to help her. It'll help me too, knowing she has to see what I bring for lunch I won't be lazy and run out to get fast food. This will be so fun!


Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Birth control sucks big time, I was using it to tame my cramps when that time of the month rolled around and it made me hungry as a beast and it also gave me frequent headaches. I'm thinking about what alternative I will use when I get married.

Anywho, a good tip for losing and controlling your weight is eating very small but frequent meals a day. Fruit for breakfast,then a nut bar for a snack, water is good all day, then a good size lunch that'll tie you over for some time, another snack, maybe raw veggies, or more fruit, then dinner, and something light for supper. You should stop eating 2 hrs before you go to bed. If you plan on sleeping at 3 am you are at liberty to eat until 1 am. It gives your body time to digest properly and work off some of it.
As you eat smaller portions over time your stomach will become accustom and you'll eat less but be satisfied and healthy.

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