Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another reason I don't do PotNoLuck's

I can't figure out how to send more than one picture at a time from my phone and I refuse to be emailing and saving a million and twelve pictures just to show y'all some Thanksgiving food so forget that! My words will have to suffice. Not much went on at my house during Thanksgiving. TheCount got up at 8:30 to get ready to go play football. I laid in bed protesting asking would he be upset if I missed it. MamaTM came in about 10:15 hollering about why I wasn't out their supporting my man. Strangers came in and out of my home to pick up their fried turkey's (remember my dad has a catering business). I hid out in my room. All the exact same thing that happened last year, except this year MamaTM didn't drag me to the football game and I didn't walk out of the bathroom in a towel to see a strange old man on the couch. We didn't have many people over, 8 in total and one was my mom and aunt's new friend from church. This lady is funny! More than a few times she had us looking at her like: ummmmm what?
The first time was when she asked me to go get her some food. My family all looked at me like "please don't embarass us, just go do it." Shoot when I'm eating it is best not to disturb me. I was going upstairs to get something for me and my husband. Didn't you see my mama didn't even ask me for anything? LOL But I'm not that rude so I brought it back down for her. They were having a discussion about my mom's disdain for washing greens ( I really don't see how y'all eat those. They smell like death and dispair) and how some people said they wash them in their bathtub and how she thought that was gross. The new lady then decided it was appropriate to share this:
NewLady:"my mama washed them just like she washed our clothes"
MamaTM: "oh you mean like scrubbing them out in the sink?"
NewLady:"Ummmhmm with Tide Washing powder"
Auntie: sitting behind her now giving the what the heck face
MamaTM: "oh you mean baking soda?"
NL: "Nooo, a little Tide washing powder get all the dirt out"
Auntie: "Ohhh you mean like dish detergent?"
NL:"Nooo like what she used on our clothes"
TheCount and TM: sitting on the couch laughing so hard at my aunt looking at the back of this woman's head like she was crazy and imagining going in the back to pull out the Tide to wash the produce for all future meals!
Has anybody else heard of this? Using washing powder to clean your food? Maybe this is something they do everywhere and my family missed the memo.


pink said...

ummm no. thas nasty. how you gon have soapy greens?

Jamila said...

death and despair though? You too much!

Tide.... Yeah. Umm... FAIL! That's why you can't eat everyone's food. Errrthang ain't fo errrbody!

Therapeutic Musings said...

Glad to know that I wasn't the only one thinking she was a little off base with her cleaning method.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I could only imagine your aunts face. and no way have i heard about that craziness, thats like so random, tide? why not arm and hammer

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