Monday, June 22, 2009


My whole weekend can be summed up as awkward. From people not knowing what to say to me, to me not knowing what to say to people, I was just at a loss.
On Saturday I met my ma at my parent's house so that we could go to my friends baby shower. On the way there we were talking and she told me she saw my ex-boyfriend's (the one right before TheCount) mom and spoke to her earlier that day. He is currently going through a divorce because his wife was getting extremely jealous of his daughter because she kept miscarrying their child (and she was pregnant at the same time as the other girl). His baby's mom sued him for child support which he, thankfully, got reduced from $1,200 to $600 a month. Annnnddddd he lost his job. It's a rough time in life for him right now. Anyway knowing all this information, guess who walks in the baby shower? His momma! She has always loved me, so I knew she was gonna come over and talk, but I didn't know what to say. Should I sit and talk about how things are going well? Downplay it and barely talk? I was so uncomfortable as she talked about how her kids avoid her and don't want to hang right after I finished giving my momma a la.p dance and asking were we still going shopping after the shower. She seemed genuinely happy for me that I'm doing well, but I hope this doesn't spark the ex trying to pop back up (which he does every time he finds out I'm happy and doing well [dude it's been 6 years, let it go]).
Later as I was sitting down talking, my mom's friend Sandy (who is crazy anyway) came up to me and was like tell me about  married life, how is it going. I gave my standard bottled answer and then this chick hit me with this:
"Stand up, let me see if you've gained any weight. You know that's what marriage does to you." Y'all I sat there staring at her in horror as she grabbed my hand to pull me out the seat. My mom ran over and snatched her hand and was like, "what's wrong with you? You don't ask no woman about her weight. Get off of her." I was still sitting there dumbfounded. Who does that!?
Sunday I wanted to kill SisterCount and TheCount. Let's just say outdoor track meets, church clothes, and 3 inch platform heels should not be combined. I was so mad at them both for so many things it was crazy. So yeah, NieceCount may not be having support from AuntieTM for the rest of her track season ( or life-we'll see how SisterCount acts next time, lol).
We took my dad out for Father's day to a Japanese Steak house. That whole situation was uncomfortable too because we were at the table with another family but my dad was sitting next to the wife her kids were next to her, then her husband. My mom was just not feeling the wife and actually got smart with her a time or 2. It was funny. That wife should learn to mind her business a bit though. How she gonna tell my momma she can't make my daddy share Coldstone's with her on Father's day. Chick please. Talk to your own husband, don't think we haven't noticed that you haven't said one word to him this entire time. 
What about you? Any awkward moments to share from the weekend?


Product Junkie Diva said...

No girl you have all the awkward moments
The ex bo's momma isn't an issue though in my book. Hey your happiness is your happiness and she can either be happy for you or keep it moving. If her son tries to pop up you and Mr. Count just keep it moving.

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