Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heavenly Hype Man

Bible study last night was good! It was on prayer. Either tomorrow or next week I'll do a post on it, I left my notes at home. I need to stop being lazy and complete our family vision/prayer board. I already have a corner in our bedroom set up with quotes, bible verses, and a list of people that I'm praying for. If you've ever emailed me a prayer request, you're on there. Keep me updated so I can know what to pray for.
I knew that church was going to be good because the people behind me came in and smelled like feet, sweat, lotion, and bad breath. Whenever somebody really distracting/annoying sits near me, church is pure awesomeness, LOL. Our church's resident hype woman was in rare form last night. I was cracking up because she kept on cosigning on everything "that's true, that's true" (must be read in a heavy Caribbean accent-deep voice-way to loud for the small crowd present). Seriously, he's reading from the Bible, this is a church that believes in the Bible, I'm pretty sure we can agree that what he is saying is true. If you don't agree, you ain't in the right place.
Tomorrow I have my review at work :) The person conducting my review already met with my boss (I'm a contractor) and now I get to learn what was discussed. I've never had one of these before. Thank God it's on the phone so she doesn't have to see my face. So blogland at 11:00 am tomorrow I'm gonna need you to send up some prayers for me. If you include the words, raise and favor, I'd be eternally grateful :) 
I have some new recipes I'm trying out that hopefully Aidan will like (he was not a fan of last week's General Tsao's/Tso's chicken). Seriously, if this kid doesn't like pizza style things, or cheesy noodle things I'm going to have to bring him up here and force feed him some non-southern style cooking until he likes it. One of the recipes T and Bird can put together so Kelly doesn't have to do anything except maybe put it in and out of the oven (at T's age I had my oven privileges taken away. Geez, you fall asleep a few times while cooking and everybody makes such a big deal of it).


kisz4tj said...

LOL!! Nice recipes?? I wanna see watcha got!

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