Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pretty...Amazing in every way...Stunning...Beautiful...The Greatest thing since cheese

At 23, I don't think the word I want to describe me is "adorable." Not even 5 minutes ago somebody said that to me. Dangit, my high waisted pants, 3 inch platform heels, and fabulous eye makeup give off an "adorable" vibe? Well, I guess it's better than hot tranny mess.
I have wonderful news to report. My hanger filled with "almost but not quite" pants is now empty! I put on the last pair this morning and they fit beautifully! TheCount came running over and was like "mmmmm I like these pants." Sweet success! You can't tell me I don't look good, well you can try and tell me, but I don't think I'd believe you (just like I'm not fully convinced I can't sing, I think the recording was off, I'm going to try again).
On that same note, why do people who don't contribute to my life think they can voice their opinion? If you don't sign my paycheck or my timesheet, your opinion does not matter. If your name is not on my bank account and your check is not going in it, your opinion does not matter. If you did not directly contribute to my creation 23 years ago, your opinion does not matter. {For those of y'all that didn't follow that would be da boss, TheCount, momma, daddy, and God} Everybody else in life is on a don't ask, don't tell policy. If I didn't ask for your opinion, don't give it! Last week somebody said something smart about my hair. Not family, not friend, not even acquaintance really. Just random dude at work. Ughhhhhh, no! I will cut you man. Well today I got 3 compliments already on my hair, so I'll see if he feels the need to comment again. I need some better comebacks. My comeback last week was lameeeeeeeeeee. Let me go write out some witty comebacks so I can be ready!


Nerd Girl said...

Congratulations on your empty hanger!

In my opinion - you should leave the singing thing alone. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hot Tranny Mess.


kisz4tj said...

Hey now! Yay for hair and empty hangers...and for fly platform heels. Booo for folx who don't understand when to keep the trap shut... Who asked you??

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