Friday, June 19, 2009

Sooooo no American Idol for me?

I wonder if I can convince TheCount to walk with me to Borders and Baja Fresh tonight? It's only about 3 miles round trip. If I successfully convince him, I'm going to document our trip with photos- it will be epic!
I get away with a LOT in life. I think it's because I'm reallllllyyyyyy nice that people don't realize my other issues or things I do. It's not a false sincerity to get my way, I really like to smile and laugh all the time. I hear people talking about me all the time (good things) and it makes me happy that they see the good and not the faults. I think it would be cool to be remembered as "very sweet" cuz that's what they always say.
Conversation at our house this week:
Me: Babe! I recorded myself singing today in the car.
Count: Really? Why did you do that?
Me: I wanted to hear myself singing.
Count: Oh, you were trying to see if I was being a hater or not?
Me: Yeah man cuz you always telling me to be quiet.
Count: Well what did you determine?
Me: I can't sing! (I was seriously shocked)
Count: And this surprises you?
Me: Yeah! All these years I really thought I could sing, it was quite depressing, I may be tone deaf that's how bad it was
Count: Tell me about it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
You know those people that know everything about everything but don't really know anything? Yeah my sisnlaw is one of those people. I want to do a post on it, but I feel bad talking about her but some of the things she says/does makes me want to kick her. I just sit and nod my head or giggle. But if she says one more thing about my eating habits- all bets are off. I gave her a little preview of me coming back at her haughtiness when we went to North Carolina. How is it my fault that I'm allergic to peaches, watermelon, cantelope, honeydew, and coconut? Serously leave me alone. It's like she has to appear better than everybody else. Me no like that about her.
I am putting myself on a new budget. PJD did a budget thing for the month of June but it was hard for me to do because I can't dictate to TheCount what he can and cannot buy (well I could, but I'm much worse than him, so I don't throw stones from my glass house). Starting next week we will each get $25 cash per week. We can use it on whatever we please (gas, haircuts, or groceries don't count). So if we don't pack a lunch, it must come from that $25. If I want that pretty nail polish, it has to come out of my $25. That shirt at Target (cuz that's the only place I go now since I have no self control) will come out of my $25. I think this will work out well. We will do this until the time we go on our cruise mid-August. It goes without saying that my birthday present will not come out of that $25.
Can we all join hands and pray that I get a raise as a result of my review? Bow your heads and close your eyes...


Nerd Girl said...

Hahahahaha! If only more AI wanna-bes recorded themselves before they made fools of themselves on TV!!! You have The Count and recorded proof to keep you from making the same mistake :)

Hmmm, I may do the $25/week challenge in July. I get a little too comfortable sliding my debit card.

Jazz said...

Im doing pjd's challenge - but I slightly altered it . I just told myself that I wouldnt do any unnecessary spending during the month of June. So far I give myself a C for effort . I did buy some flats today b/c it was raining and my feet were wet , but I needed some flats anyway. I too get too comfortable sliding the BofA card - if I see something that I want I get it , but that is not the way for me to become a millionaire .

Dont feel bad about not being able to sing - I took voice lessons and still cant sing

SimplyB said...

Hmmmmmmm the $25 challenge sounds like something I may try for July as well.

I think I need to record myself too cause I KNOW I can sing....not LOL

I said a prayer for you :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

hahahah TM your posts always make me laugh.
OK first off for your sister in law she probably has some insecurity. If a person is reallly as good or knowledgeable as they claim they know it and usually don't try to annoy others in the process of dispensing some pearl of wisdom.

I like your $25 challenge and I hope you get your RAISE.
Hey Jazz thanks for joining the challenge.

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