Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How many ways can you skin a cat?

People do know that condoms exist right? Yesterday I was talking to this guy about him wanting to put his 14 year old on birth control. I was telling him that I couldn't stay on the pill because the side effects were too much for me. He was like "wow you guys don't use the pill and you don't have any kids? You are lucky!" I told him, no we're careful! People always act like the pill is the only method out there. It drives me crazy when people look at me strange when I say I will never use the pill again. Last week people at church were like y'all ain't pregnant yet? Ummmm last time I checked the rules of life there was no mandatory baby clause.

Now if I do pop up pregnant in the near future it will because of sabatoge not because we didn't take 2 seconds to be careful. There is a current list of people that are banned from setting foot in our bedroom because they have threatend to poke holes in our supply. Please tell me how me how us having a bunch of kids in our one bedroom apartment will make your life better?  Shoot if they volunteer to sponsor the kiddies I'll gladly have them now.

(Watch with all this trash I just talked I'm gonna be on here next month talking bout guess what guys, lol)


laughing808 said...

I'll dance at your baby shower if that's any consolation.....just kidding take your time. Afterall it's you and the Mister that will provide for your FUTURE children.

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