Thursday, June 4, 2009


Does anybody else watch My Wife and Kids? You know how when Michael and J are responding to something really dumb that the kids ask they start to do a little dance and make a big production out of saying no? If you don't please go watch some episodes until you see it (it comes on 3 times a day) because it cracks me up. Matter of fact, go to You Tube right now and watch a clipI have decided I'm going to start doing that to people. Maybe just family at first, but it will stop people from saying dumbness to me.
TheCount and I are going down to North Carolina this weekend for his cousins wedding. This has been a series of "ehhhhhhh *do the running man, spin around, do a backflip* no" moments.
TheCount's car currently has no air conditioning (more on this funny story next week) yet he still felt the need to have this conversation with me:
TheCount: Ok, so when you wake up from your nap drive down to your parent's house so you can leave your car their and then I'll pick you up and we can go down.
Me: ehhhhhhh no! Are you seriously suggesting we take the car with no air conditioning on a 6 hour road trip further south. It's gonna be raining AND hot.
TheCount: Or we can just take your car
Me: Exactly, please have it cleaned out by then, it's a mess. Thanks!
Yesterday I was talking to my mom about going down there:
Ma: Have y'all considered renting a car?
Me: ehhh no! Who the heck is gonna pay for that?
Ma: HAHAHAHAHAHA! I KNEW you were going to say that. You so cheap, it's only $40.
Me: That's $40 that will be spent at Waffle House. Get real ma.
TheCount and I were discussing what we were wearing to the wedding:
TheCount: I'm going to wear those jeans I just got and my black blazer.
Me: The hell you are! (I shoulda gone with the ehhhh no here, clearly)
TheCount: TM! Why are you cussin?
Me: My bad, you are not wearing jeans to a wedding! Blasphemy of blasphemies!
TheCount: We wear jeans to church almost every Sunday.
Me: Jesus accepts you as you are, Brides don't!
I was so appalled that he thought he was going to wear jeans to their wedding. I don't know where all the rage came from. He was cracking up because I was taking it so seriously! My cousin strolled up to my reception (he didn't come to the wedding, and missed most of the reception) in jeans and I made an automatic stank face. I don't even know why, that's not like me at all. TheCount's family is really fancy when it comes to dressing up so why would he think he could wear jeans? I got so mad at him, I never got to decide what I'm going to wear. I hear white is all the rage at weddings ;)


Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL LOL on your whole post and I know that dance on so well. The girl who played the daughter on that show got married recently.
I know someone who wasnt the bride, who wore white to a wedding...yikes.
Enjoy your time away.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

*Don't think I've ever comented, but I do read often"

But I love My Wife and Kids. Me and my mom are quick to respond to each other like that.

I even will respond to a text with: Ugh....NO!!

Jazz said...

LOL yall are too funny . Have fun in NC

Mrs Count said...

@PJD- I went to a wedding and this chick (not the bride) wore white. Not only white. But white pants, with underwear with cherries all over them. Please tell me the logic in that one!

@SheNeeds-Heyyyyyyyy! The only person who actually gets it when I do it is TheCount. Everybody else looks at me like I'm a fool.

@Jazz- Thanks!

kisz4tj said...

I love it when they do that...I may incorporate into my parenting style!

ROFL @ That's $40 that will be spent at Waffle House. Get real ma.

yummy411 said...

LMAO!! yes at the whole darn post!

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