Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Good Life!

Meet Marberry the turtle. Fellow blogger Yummy411, just got a turtle too which really made me laugh because I was looking at TheCount like "who the heck comes home from work with a dang turtle?" Shoot turtles must be hot in the streets right now!
TheCount has spent his week getting things set up for Marberry the turtle. Mind you, his vacation clothes are not yet put away, but Marberry is living in the lap of luxury! Take a look:

TheCount decided to customize the back of the tank by only partially scraping off the blue background, I guess we'll get to the other point another time. Fresh rocks, plants, a filter, a heat lamp, and a floating dock for Marberry to relax on. Sigh, what a life!


Nerd Girl said...

Okay seriously? Smoochy told me to buy Lovegirl a turtle as her next pet. I'm going to stalk Marberry for a few days just to make sure all is well, and then I really just might get her one!

kisz4tj said...

DYING @ turtles must be hot in the streets!!!!

Mrs Count said...

Y'all aint know? You better get a turtle while they're hot :)

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