Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's always a good time for some Bible study

These are the notes from our Bible study at church last week. It was on the different types of prayer. One of my lovely friends from church had already typed up her notes and posted it on Facebook, which made my life a lot easier. I planned on going into it last night and inserting the Bible verses. Unfortunately, our internet didn't work last night and I am not about to be doing all that this morning. So here is a nice little breakdown of different types of prayer as presented in the Bible. This lesson was taught by Elder Gr.eg Vin.son and transcribed by Mich.elle Vin.son (neither of whom I want to find my blog, but I do want to give them their credit)

·          Prayer of Perseverance
Matthew 7:7 – keep on praying, keep on believing, keep on asking, knocking, seeking
Luke 18:1 – men pray always, don't faint, don't quit – apply a continual coming mindset "and shall God not avenge His own elect"
Sometimes when an answer to prayer is delayed remember God wants us to grow in character and patience so just keep seeking him in prayer until you get an answer [think of Daniel and Michael the angel] – trust God

·         Prayer of Agreement
 When two or three agree, God is in the midst
If you are single – agree with GOD and his WORD
If you are married - agree with GOD and his WORD and YOUR SPOUSE – remember agreement/harmony produces God's will on earth
Reference Matthew 18:19

·          Prayer of Specifics
Philippians 4:6 – make a definitive request

You must be succinct and direct in your prayer requests to God (He is not impressed by your fanciness)

·         Prayer of Faith
Mark 11:24-25
 John 14:12-14
James 5:16
The prayer of faith shall save the sick.  Prayer is like the "jaws of life" – if we call on God believing He will show us mighty things,  He will

·          Prayer of Binding and Loosing
Matthew 12:29

 Matthew 16:19
We are blessed and we have what we say, if we confess it bound, it is bound, if we confess life it will live

·         Prayer of confession
 Romans 4:17
 Romans 10:9
Call those things that be not as though they are! Please don't get that confused with calling those things that are as though they weren't. Saying, "ohhh my leg isn't broken," when clearly it is, will not unbreak your leg. Call yourself healed instead and watch God move on your behalf.

·          Prayer of intercession
 Romans 8:26-27
Pray for you neighbor
If there is someone with a problem similar to yours pray earnestly for their deliverance
Remember the law of reciprocity for every action, there is a reaction

·          Prayer of supplication
 Psalms 116:1

1 Timothy 2:1
Jeremiah 33:3
Hebrews 5:7
Seek God with your whole heart, remember wisdom and promotion comes from God, since true success comes from God we must hear from Him to stay on the right path


Nerd Girl said...

Thank you for this! My prayer life is not what it should be and I am working on being more consistent with it. Right on time.

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